Bousman Updates ‘Repo!’ and Puts First Art on Display!

When Paris Hilton said that political musicals were going to be the new “in” everyone laughed, but it never appeared more true with DreamWorks releasing Sweeney Todd in a few weeks and then following is Lionsgate’s Repo! The Genetic Opera (trailer). Whether or not this movie looks like something you’ll enjoy, you have to say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen – this is probably why I’m so incredibly intrigued by it. Director Darren Lynn Bousman has been a saint in promoting his film as he has provided so many updates for fans, since Lionsgate really hasn’t done much yet to support it. Today Bousman updated his blog, which features the first piece of art from the film. Read on to check it out and to see what he has to say after five weeks of editing.

Bousman writes on his blog, “Well, Five weeks since we wrapped, and I am happy to say I have a first cut of the movie! Today was the first day that I actually was able to sit back, and watch the film in its entirety with Harvey… We were slapping HIGH FIVES the entire time… The truth of the matter is – I have no fucking CLUE what the public and movie goer is going to say about this movie… As I have said numerous times – this isn’t SAW… Nor is it SWEENY TODD… It’s a hybrid of horror, comedy, and good old fashion ROCK and ROLL!!! The entire screening Harvey and I were singing at the TOP of our lungs the entire time – - and that my dear friends is my TRUE dream of the this movie… That I walk into a theatre somewhere and hear the audience singing along to ZYDRATE ANATOMY – or WE STARTED THIS OPERA SHIT…

These last couple of months have been so hard on me, and those around me, because I have been so CONSUMED in this movie… I don’t know how Laura, my girlfriend deals with my constant insanity and walking around the house singing NON-STOP! I joke with her, that this movie is as much hers as mine, because she has had to deal with all the shit, and hell of this production! I couldn’t have done it without her!

Well, enough rambling – - time is running out – before I have to deliver this bad boy! Hopefully I will be able to leak a song or two in the upcoming month… I can’t wait for you all to hear this!

Source: MySpace Page