Michael Bailey Smith Grows Fangs in ‘Blood Shot’

Michael Bailey Smith is about to kick some more ass as the short film by Dietrich Johnston, Blood Shot, is about to turn into a feature. Shooting in 2008, a tough cop pursues a Terminator-like vampire (Michael Bailey Smith), constantly taking a beating. No one believes him. He’s completely on his own. Everyone thinks he’s crazy, and he knows he’s going to lose his job and his wife if he keeps this up. But he can’t stop. He has no idea the vampire actually works as a hitman for a top-secret government agency, sent to track down and kill terrorists. Meanwhile, an evil terrorist cell invades the U.S. bringing explosive midgets, a harem of beautiful women, a large eunuch, and a demon-genie. They’re going to blow up the city. Ultimately, the cop joins forces with the vampire in stopping the terrorist’s plan before it’s too late.