First Details on ‘The Host 2’ Revealed!

After the sweeping success of the Korean monster movie The Host, producers Chungeorahm Film announced immediately that a sequel was in the works for a 2009 release. There were no real details revealed, but today a new article reveals the writer and when the draft is expected in. It also chats a bit about his background and reveals a few more details, which can be found inside. I personally thought the first film was overrated, but it was fun nonetheless – hopefully they can take things to even bigger heights.

Sci Fi Japan report that Choi Yong-bae, CEO of Chungeorahm and producer of THE HOST has revealed some interesting tidbits for the upcoming sequel of Chungeorahm Film’s international success.

The site reports that he was interviewed by the Korean news site Star News and has translated the article. He tells the online paper that the screenplay for THE HOST 2 (Gwoemul 2) is currently being written. The scribe is Kang Full, a well-known comic artist of Korea. Choi told Star News that he expects the first draft of the screenplay to be submitted around December 20.

The background of hiring Kang as the scribe was rooted from the fact that Chungeoram is producing two live-action adaptations of his work. One is called THE BOY-MEETS-GIRL COMIC (Sunjeongmanhwa) and the other is 26 YEARS (Yishipyukneyon). Choi said that during several meetings to discuss the latter, he discovered Kang had some good ideas for THE HOST 2 so he let him write the screenplay.

The full plot is not yet known, but Choi did spill some beans– that the story is set in 2003 and takes place ‘somewhere in Korea.’ One interesting thing of note is that the events of the original film took place in the summer of 2006. Will the sequel actually be a prequel? Will it be set in the same timeline as the original? Only time will tell.

Shooting is expected to begin in late summer of 2008 and the finished film is planned to be released in 2009. The production budget is reported to be higher than the original film’s 10 billion Korean won (approximately $10.9 million US). The director or principal cast are not yet confirmed. The producer said that he had various versions of how to make the sequel and he would first hire ‘supervisors’ to help him decide one.

Oddly, there was no mention at all about THE HOST 2 short pilot films (one of which was assigned to director Son Tae-woong) that were announced by Choi back in July. The interview did reveal that there are still offers for THE HOST TV series from other production companies.

Source: SciFi Japan