Insomnifest: Online Film Festival Coming Soon

Although no date has been set and no pricing information is available as of yet, Slasherpool is looking to bring you the online horror fest Insomnifest this February. Take a look inside for more news.
“Insomnifest is a brand new horror film festival that takes place entirely online. You’ll be able to stream all of the movies live from your computer. Several horror flicks have already been secured (which will be announced soon) and we are determined to keep a high quality on the movies so that this can become an annual event. Entirely self-funded, Insomnifest will, just like After Dark’s HorrorFest, create their own posters for the movies and trailers will be available on the official website,, from the middle of January. The fest is scheduled to run for two weeks in February of 2008 but no exact date has been announced yet.”

The first title announced for the fest is the Indonesian “Dead Floor”.

Check out for more info.

Source: Slasherpool