David Cronenberg Talks Possible Return to Horror Genre!

It has been a long, long time since David Cronenberg has directed a horror film (nearly 20 years!), and as a long time fan I’m praying that he’ll once again return to our genre. With the DVD release of is latest film, Eastern Promises, Cronenberg has been doing the press circuit where he has revealed some good news – that he might be back one day. Read on for the skinny on that and to hear his feelings on todays horror trends.

Horror maestro David Cronenberg recently chatted with Wired about his release of EASTERN PROMISES on DVD where he revealed that he still could return to our beloved genre, “I know fans have nostalgia for the movies that they grew up with,” he says, “but to redo that would be boring. On the other hand, I wouldn’t ever rule out doing another sci-fi or horror film as a matter of course. If something came along that was intriguing and challenging, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

What he’s not interested in is the torture porn passing itself off as body horror at screens large and small near you. And, to be clear, he’s also not interested in the phrase “body horror” at all.

“Of course, ‘body horror’ was not my term,” Cronenberg says. “It was a term someone used to describe what I was doing, so it is not a category in my head that I use to make films. And I think, without trying to sound egomaniacal, that my movies have been picked apart piece by piece, and recycled quite a bit. But that’s the nature of the film business, or creativity in general: We are all feeding off of each other. There’s no question about that, so I guess it’s not a surprise that I’m moving somewhere away from all of that.”

What Cronenberg is moving toward is a more muted version of the exercises he’s always created. His new films just happen to involve gangsters rather than scientists and technological freaks.

What has not been left behind is Cronenberg’s capacity to shock and disturb an audience riveted by his films’ destruction of the human body. And in a world saturated with snuff films the likes of which Videodrome could barely imagine, he’s more than willing to take the less-is-more approach to physical violence.

“We’re in a very bizarre era right now, where snuff porn that never really existed before is now available,” he says. “If you want to see beheadings or stonings, you can see them any time you want on your computer. And it’s low-tech, too: not the internet, but a woman being stoned to death.”

Source: Wired