Freddy Returns to Springwood, Jason Not Involved

After the smashing success of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, New Line Cinema jumped right back into developing their remake of Friday the 13th. In the other neck of the woods, over the past few years we’ve heard all sorts of stories regarding a possible Freddy vs Jason 2 (with Ash, Michael Myers or even Pinhead involved) and the next Nightmare on Elm Street (a prequel), but nothing ever came into fruition. Today Bloody-Disgusting scored some solid info from an insider at New Line about where the future of these franchises stand. Read on to see what’s next. Will Jason Voorhees battle Freddy again or will Krueger return to Springwood? All will be revealed inside.

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This afternoon I got some official news from a source inside at New Line Cinema as to what exactly is going on with our favorite horror icons, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Our anonymous source tells us that as of right now, today, this very moment there are NO immediate plans for Freddy vs Jason 2. Bummer. But there is some good news! We’ve been informed that New Line is actively developing another Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Everything you’ve heard before has been scrapped (prequel) and they’re back at square one. Ideas are being thrown around without anything solid locked down. Expect some news on this later this year and until then we’ll focus our attention on their remake of Friday the 13th. What do you guys want to see in the next Nightmare? Comment below and tell us, maybe you’ll give New Line some ideas!