Dr. Near Death Talks ‘White Noise 2′ With SpookyDan

Universal Home Entertainment has officially released White Noise 2 on DVD everywhere and leading up to the release we were offered a strangely unique interview opportunity that we couldn’t turn down. Today SpookyDan chatted via phone with Dr. Jeffrey Long, M.D., who heads up the Near Death Experience Foundation. You can read on for a small chat with the Dr. about his thoughts on the film and watch how he avoids the hard questions (they always do, sigh.)

SpookyDan and Dr. Near Death discuss White Noise 2
By SpookyDan (aka SD)

Today we spoke via phone interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long, M.D. (from this point on we will affectionately call him Dr. Near Death.) This Dr. by day treats cancer patients, but by night he heads up the Near Death Experience Foundation and website www.nderf.org. Being the worlds leading expert on the subject, Dr. Near Death served as consultant on the film WHITE NOISE 2, which is now available on DVD everywhere. I had a few skeptical questions and he actually seemed pretty happy to tell us his thoughts on the topic.

I asked Dr Near Death if knowing so much about the NDE topic ruins his time with a good ghost movie. “I am a very evidence based scientist and physician,” he explains, “I have studied over 1000 cases on the subject of NDE, and certainly the knowledge of how NDE’s work definitely helped my enjoyment of this film. But I know where the line between fact and fiction is crossed and can still enjoy it.” He continues, “The documentary included on the disk on the NDE is the very best I have ever seen. It’s like WOW!” Obviously, he is biased because he is in the featurette; however it is a fairly informative A&E style mini-documentary where we hear six different people talk about their own personal NDE.

Since it’s so damn interesting we spoke further about NDE and the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) aspects of the film. WHITE NOISE 2 uses this device heavily, and being so grounded in reality, I was curious about his thoughts on seeing ghosts inside of the “white noise.” Instead of answering he skirted the issue, which blows. I know that I can’t get any juicy ghost stories from him so I pressed even further and asked him a question that he seemed a bit surprised by… would he want to experience an NDE? After a brief hesitation he answered, “Absolutely not. I have so much to live for that I wouldn’t want to have my life put in jeopardy for the experience. While I do not fear death, it would be great to experience it with out dying. But NDE is absolutely not possible with out the act of nearly dying. Neither Drugs or Astral Projections, or any other manner can put you in an out of body experience, it’s quite frankly suicide.

After watching WHITE NOISE 2 it inspired SD to awaut his NDE while trying to catch an EVP on his IPOD listening to and MP3, and waiting for an email from his BFF about his love for MR.T.

Universal Home Entertainment has released WHITE NOISE 2 on DVD everywhere today. Pick it up at a retailers near you.