Edward Furlong’s Clean and Mean!

Superhero Hype! did some digging and found some great little tid-bits on Crow: Wicked Prayer, which stars Edward Furlong. Read on for some talk from Angel star Boreanaz about Furlong’s work ethic and his desire to play the Crow along with some news on Danny Trejo’s role in the film, which is still awaited a US release date.
First off, the Los Angeles Daily News had a recent interview with Angel star Boreanaz about the upcoming Crow flick and Edward Furlong as the Crow, “He did a great job as the Crow. He’s really a good actor. I was surprised,’ says Boreanaz. He admits he wasn’t sure what to expect from Furlong, the “Terminator 2′ star, who in recent years became better known for his drug demons and party-boy escapades with the likes of ex- girlfriend Paris Hilton than for his acting. By the beginning of this year, however, reports had it that Furlong was truly cleaning up his act, staying off alcohol and illegal substances and looking healthier than he had in ages.

Boreanaz reports, “We raised the bar for each other and really had an amazing time getting into what we were doing. We got into each other’s face. We’re both very physical. I was surprised we didn’t get hurt doing the fight scenes. There were a lot of bruises, though.’ Follow the link above for the full interview.

Then during an interview with About.com, Danny Trejo talked about his role in the film, “When will we see you act again?” There’s a movie called The Crow coming out.

Wicked Prayer? “Yeah, I’m in Wicked Prayer. I play a Baptist Minister Indian chief. Fallen from grace. I’m actually a good guy in this, Baptist minister. He’s the chief of the tribe that hates Eddie Furlong’s character, The Crow. I scream at him, “How did God choose you?” And it’s funny because he turns around and says, “Your daughter did.” My daughter is Emmanuelle [Chriqui], his love interest.

So do you have a fight scene with him? “No, I’m a peace activist.

Source: Superhero Hype!, LA Daily News, About.com