Mr. Disgusting Reviews ‘Cloverfield’, Won’t Shut Up About It!!

Let the mega hype begin! It’s rare when I’m still excited to talk about the film by the time it hits theaters, usually I’m so warn out from unloading new stills, trailers, posters and all the other little pieces of news that by the time the movie comes out I’m ready to blow my brains out. But that’s not the case with Paramount’s Cloverfield, which is still the only thought in my one track mind. Last night Slice and I caught a screening here in LA and both of us were blown away (surprisingly). Right now both my review and Slice’s review are both live, with two more review coming this week. Are we going overboard? Probably, but when I love something I’m going to push it in everyone’s face.

Source: Mr. Disgusting's review