Origin of the ‘Cloverfield’ Monster Revealed… IN MOVIE!

I know some of you are going to scream “NO DUH” but this flew right by me and I completely missed it. There has been a lot of speculation on where the monster from Cloverfield (reviews) originates from and some of our questions were answered in the background of the film. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, or just want to discover it for yourself, so read on if you want to know what happens.

This evening I went to check out Paramount’s CLOVERFIELD once again and while enjoying a seat next to the one covered in vomit (seriously) both Slice and I noticed something interesting in the background of one of the scenes of the film. Highlight the following for the details:

In the FINAL, FINAL scene of the film we see Beth and Rob on a ferris wheel at Coney Island. He pans the camera to his left to shoot the ocean and if you look to the far right of the screen you will see what appears to be the monster falling out of the sky and into the water (see image here). IN AN UPDATE: B-D reader ‘afireinside’ tells us, “JJ stated himself that the monster has been down at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years. What fell into the ocean at the end of the movie was a satelitte. If you pay attention to the viral marketing, Taragutu’s site states that one of their satelittes fell out of orbit and was lost. This is what woke up the monster from its dormant state.” You be the judge….

In addition, at the end of the credits an audio clip reveals that the monster is not yet dead.

So there you have it, official proof for those of you dying to know. Now it;s time to go see it yourself unless someone wants to e-mail me a screengrab or upload a clip to BDTV.

CLOVERFIELD is set to make nearly $40 million this weekend, with more through MLK day.