Early Review: First EVER Look at ‘Eden Log’!!

One of the most talked about foreign horror films in the past year was Franck Vestiel’s Eden Log (trailer), which was acquired by Magnolia Pictures for release sometime this year. I was lucky enough to be one of the first ever people to see an actual print of the film – only the subtitles weren’t in tact yet. Unfortunately I can’t write an official review for the film without having known what was said, but I can give you my immediate reaction, which can be found by reading on! Check it out!

You can immediately spot Vestiel’s thumbprint on LOG, which can be seen on two other French films, ILS and DANTE 01, which he was first assistant director on. EDEN LOG takes place in a bleak post apocalyptic world where a man takes conscience at the bottom of a cave. Tolbiac does not have the least idea how he ended up there. His only solution is to go up to surface through a network with the paces of cemetery and given up by a mysterious organization, Eden Log. Along the way some insanely cool creatures attack him.

EDEN LOG is visually stunning, it’s a bleak trip into a world that both mesmerizing and terrifying. Vestiel’s techniques in creating this world are both economical and cheap, but are extremely effective. He uses a lot of steel, and long sheets to drape rooms, elevators and even create chambers people are hung in(!) The costume design is also remarkable, giving a futuristic look while also making it look as if they’ve been through hell and back. (Get a taste in our image gallery)

And then there are the creatures, which are disgusting and vile. They run around like little monkeys and are freaky as sh-t. In a very subtle way, EDEN LOG reminded me of one of my favorite films of all time, ALIENS. The film carries similar themes, aesthetics and creature mannerisms to the classic film from the `80s, but is original enough to please fans looking for a modern spin.

One of the coolest parts about EDEN LOG is the finale, which unfortunately I can’t reveal to you. It carries a beautifully dim ending that fits perfectly into film as a whole. When you find out what EDEN LOG is, your mind will be blown. This is a film to watch for in 2008 as I guarantee you’re going to all love it. –Mr. Disgusting

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