‘Alien vs Predator’ a Prequel to ‘Alien’?!

During an interview with Sci-Fi Wire, Lance Hendriksen had some interesting things to say about Fox’s Alien vs Predator, “Set in the present day, Alien vs. Predator will be a prequel of sorts to the four Alien films, which are set in the distant future. “It’s like going through the looking glass backwards here, because now we’re going back in time to before Aliens, before Alien even.” Henriksen said. “The way [Anderson has] structured this script, there’s such logic to it all, such sense, because we know those movies before, and we’re not denying you know them, so when you see this movie you’re going to see something completely different, but it’s got those genres in it.” Follow the link for the full story. Alien vs Predator hits theaters on August 6th.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire