Even Macy Likes Her Comic Books

What’s with Macy Gray and comic book films? First she made an unwanted appearance in Spiderman, and now this! So far we’ve heard from David Boreanaz and Danny Trejo on the Crow: Wicked Prayer, now we get to hear all about it from Macy Gray. This excerpt comes from an interview with MTV, “In that flick (Wicked Prayer), the fourth installment in “The Crow” series, she’ll play a mistress opposite Dennis Hopper’s “evil devil Satan pimp. “I’m his mistress and bodyguard,” Macy clarified. “Mistress bodyguard from hell.” What did Macy have to do to prepare for such a role? “Well, you just have to feel like a mistress, you know, and go out and feel like a bodyguard. You don’t want to go to hell, you don’t want to get into method acting on that level.” Follow the link for more. Thanks to A Boy and His Bird.

Source: MTV, A Boy and his Bird.com