Inside (À l’intérieur) (V)


Still grieving over her recently deceased boyfriend, a pregnant woman becomes haunted by a mysterious woman.

  • stuntgirlstef

    This movie is ridiculous, but don’t take my word for it see it with your own eyes.
    So much blood, so much carnage, so many shocking death scenes. I can’t even really put this movie into words, all I can do is encourage you to watch it because I promise you have never seen anything like it.
    perfectly awesome

  • Scurgar

    Ignore the haters on this one. Inside is one of the greatest horror movies ever. From the extreme violence to the fantastic atmosphere, everything about this movie is almost perfect.

  • petcemeteryman

    Could you ask for a better horror movie?
    Its got thrills,chills, and plenty of gore. The film gets away with very intense violence, but not to the point where it becomes senseless. With a perfect ending this film is possibly the best horror film of 2007

  • superbum

    Wow…very good movie. I went into it w/ high expectations, and was only disapointed twice…


    As mentioned below by “ultrazilla200″ the absolutely stupid cops and the flame to the face, were low points in the film. The scripted police actions were so obviously stupid and incorrect that it took me out of the movie a bit and actually pissed me off. I remember thinking (about the third cop and his chained prisoner) “what crap, just putting needless stupid characters in the film to up the death count! Grrr!” It works in pure slasher films, and pure gore flicks, but in a movie that splices genres and has been SO GOOD up until this point…it doesn’t! I kinda felt betrayed or something. I had to bite my tounge a tiny bit though when he “wakes up” and freaks out because, well, that was very scary and (almost) worth the extra characters…still, could have been done w/ one of the other cops somehow in my opinion.

    Secondly, if you have a firey flame on the face for that long, you’re gonna have a hard time kicking any more ass, plain and simple. This transgression is forgivable because if I had my face slashed, hand impaled, stomach stabbed, and head beat in with toaster…all while pregnant, I probably wouldn’t be up and fighting…but Sarah sure is and it works for the film obviously.

    All in all, Inside is a REALLY GOOD movie that is hardcore, unrelenting, beautifully shot, thought out, and scripted. It is original and everyone who likes thrillers and doesn’t mind mega violence needs to see this film. It does have some flaws (stupid frekin cops! ARGH!) but a great effort from some first time filmakers!

    2 questions…

    1) why did she poke a hole in her neck then tape it up? Was it a suicide attempt followed by reconsideration?

    2) Why is everyone so psyched about the ending?…if it’s the scissors on the stair scene, well, I expected that as soon as I saw the cover! Seemed obvious, not groundbreaking.

  • badlefthook

    Wow. This movie was shockingly good. I really didn’t expect much after being disappointed by hype machines like The Signal as of late (those being movies where the community is hyping them beyond what they can truly deliver).

    Inside did it for me though. Just a fantastic horror movie.

    It loses 2 points for the actions of the cops though. As mentioned by everyone else the actions just didn’t match with what any sane person…let alone a cop who would be trained in such situations…would actually do. There were so many better (and easy) ways to have NOT had her escape at that point in the film while still continuing things.

    All things considered though…just a wonderful accomplishment of blending suspense with gore without sacrificing either.

  • Jacques

    I haven’t seen such a beautiful horror movie since the original Saw. To top it off, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much blood on screen at one time in a movie.

    While American directors think people are disturbed by scenes they’ve seen a hundred times–M. Night with The Happening, Eli Roth with everything, whoever made 30 Days of Night–I’m just glad someone understand what it means to be disturbing: to show us something we haven’t seen before. The ending was predictable, but still groundbreaking with what it shows on screen, bringing over-the-top new meaning. I remember back in high school when some friends and I would joke about the plot of this movie, and how it would never be made. Now it was. It’s almost like a dream come true.

    The acting and the music both make the story atmospheric and beautiful. The surrealism, minimal sci-fi nods, truly disturbing images, and the over-the-top plot devices give it a punk edge that I haven’t seen in an American movie other than in the Saw series. It’s easily my 6th favorite movie of all time, if you count series as one movie. I don’t know how they could have made the movie any better.

    BUT DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE: I rented it and saw it was an edited cut, then went out and bought the unedited cut. The difference is the edited cut takes out major plot points, some disturbing dialogue, and some of the more bloody moments. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE OR YOU WILL BE SEEING A WATERED-DOWN VERSION, AND THE UNEDITED VERSION IS FAR SUPERIOR.

    It’s also the only movie I’d honestly compare to Saw, though it is not torture porn in any way. It’s hard to name a more perfect movie, if even possible at all–and I hate 90% of movies I see.

  • thedescent08

    amazing; frontier(s) is better in my opinion.

  • strangerslover

    Overrated to the extreme.

  • ironlung

    This movie is brilliant. Great acting, disturbing plot, creepy atmosphere and lots lots of gore and of course a shocking ending.

    A must see for every horror fan.

  • abe_the_cop

    Ilovepinup and strangerslover
    should be banned
    for god awful opinions and spam

  • trabis

    I make it a point to watch the goriest movies I can find. Movies like The Descent, Saw and Hostel are like Sesame Street to me. I was confident that I had completely desensitized myself to gore movies, but as I watched Inside, I became a quivering mess of anxiety. This is the most frightened I’ve been from a movie since I was a child. Inside did what other horror movies have failed to do. This movie had the most realistic gore I’ve ever witnessed on a screen. I think the crewmembers in charge of the special effects witnessed creul bloody murders at some point in their lives. Splendid movie. 10/10 easy.

  • katieann

    Extremely unsettling.
    I have seen many gory movies in my time but none that have made me feel literally ill at the ending. Highly recommended.

  • PromNight2008

    Well, this has turned into quite the overrated film it would seem. I got this as a gift from my grandmother, as I had been talking about how much I’d wanted to see it.

    So, the other night I grabbed up a bowl of popcorn and shut off the lights, and watched this in the middle of the night expecting to be scared crapless.

    Well, I wasn’t. I found it to be quite dull, to be honest. I’ve seen most of this before, and the motivations behind some of the pregnant woman’s actions were quite ridiculous, and/or unreasonable. The rest of the characters were meaningless filler to be killed off, which normally I’m okay with — this film just did it badly.

    I didn’t find anything scary, thrilling, unsettling or even interesting in this film. It’s a definite thumbs down from me. Such a disappointment.

  • BK’s Finest

    Just WHOA! Great movie…

  • HotKakez

    I won’t knock it, the movie does tread much darker territory than most horror films out there. It was most certainly disturbing than I expected and it really hit my nerves in how much I wanted someone to take down the killer/invader. The acting was spot on and many of the moments are believable. Some moments, however, were strangly placed or didn’t make any sense at all. I don’t see how a head wound can make someone attack anyone in sight.

    I wouldn’t say the movie is overated but it certainly isn’t perfect. The believable acting, the sympathetic characters, and the twists are strong and interesting. The bizarre moments or choices that happen in the film and the slow, depressed pacing at the beginning pulled me out a little. It’s good, it’s different, but it’s not going to re-invent what you think is horror.

  • SamuelRisenhoover

    I would agree almost completely with Tex Massacre. I think that Inside has perhaps taken the place of The Shining as my favorite horror film of all time. It is everything a genre fan could hope for, and loaded with the most disturbingly realistic effects I have seen since High Tension… just more of it, much more. One complaint. I agree that shots inside Sarah’s home are very unique and well done in a smokey texture and retroish blends of colors, but… when shots are taken outside of the home (excluding the crane shots of Sarah’s house) this aural effect just creates a grainy low budget look. When there are barely any colors to backdrop the effect it seems to mush things together and sacrifice depth and detail. I think it would have been a better route to have created this effect only inside the home, as it definately would have been more apparent and more aptly utilized. But Jesus, if that’s the worst thing about the movie (besides what Tex Massacre sighted as plot holes: aka the power outage issue, or rather non issue, and the fact that if Sarah would just have started screaming out the window in her bathroom which is on the roof top facing towards the neighborhood, she could have saved herself some intense pain.) then you won’t catch me hasseling. This is sheer brilliance, and utter insanity combined in what has become my favorite genre film.

  • badboyrsl

    It was a breath of freash air. Good movie!!

  • cameronlash

    What could I possibly say that some of you haven’t touched up on. Well I will admit, I was pleasantly surprised after I had seen this film. It’s brutality is so personal, more than any i’ve seen in a genre film before, and the weapons of choice made by the killer are so delicate (more delicate than a chainsaw or buzzsaw). I don’t know, but there was just something about this film that hit a nerve inside of me.

    Sarah, our main character, and the movies babycarrier is made very relatable by the director, and yet, you don’t know who to root for by the end. Sure, she’s a grieving wife and soon to be mother, but you get the eerie feeling of, “DOES SHE EVEN WANT TO HAVE THIS CHILDDDDD?!?!?”. At one point in the film (SPOILER) she even threatens her own child’s life with a knitting needle. UHMMMMM, not exactly a stable….


    After the killers motives are revealed, you start feeling for her as well, so you start to question yourself as well (“How disturbed am I man?!?!”). None the less, the end result of this film will stay with you, haunt you for some time to come, so I am telling you, see this film! SOON!


    What’s up with the phoney reviews?

  • briguy135

    Best movie of the year, Hands down. Great balance of terror, gore, and realism with believable acting.

  • riotsquid1408

    awsome it was great

  • stew5150

    This film was absolutely awesome. Bloody, scary and downright uncomfortable to watch at times. The only reason I don’t give it 10 out of 10 was because of the cops bringing a handcuffed bystander into a possible crime scene. A little unrealistic there, but overall it is a great horror film from beginng to end. French horror is SOOOOOO much better than american horror, I am trying to find more french films that are as good as this one is. Frontiers is pretty damn close to as good as this one is. But, Inside is just a tad bit better. 9/10

  • bigmo_402

    hell of a movie, frenchies can act. highly reccommend

  • Courtney80

    Wow, i just watched Inside and I squirmed the whole time. Great movie but extremely disturbing.

  • jako

    Great movie, straight in your face violence, lots of blood and gore, mixed up with some suspense… Only bad thing about it? the way over the top fucked up action part just before the end conclusion

  • Irishize

    Very, very good. Can’t add much to all that’s been said here already, but…

    One of the many cool touches was the quiet ticking of the clock in some scenes – not loud enough to say “Look – all is quiet!” but low enough to make the viewers’ mind wind down a bit for a minute… This gives more punch to the scenes that follow and reinforces the sense of “house invasion”.

    Minor plot holes aside, this is a fantastic film.

    (BTW: Anyone else think it was strange coincidence that the foetus was used as a plot background in both this and the equally excellent French film “Frontier(s)”?)

  • Icarus88

    This was the best horror movie of 07′ hands down. Everyone else has already said what I think of it practically so i’ll just write some things I really liked about it. Seeing the attacker early on but not knowing her. The unnerving music/sound effects that plays when violence is going on, and of course all the great blood and gore which is used just right. The only thing I really didnt like was the cgi shots of the baby, but other than that this movie ruled. So far the french have proven that they really know what they’re doing.

  • to_the_9

    Few films are more affecting, and though certain plot points do fall through, the fact that a horror film made so recently can still disturb on this high a level (especially when so many so-called “horror” flicks do anything but), is something to celebrate indeed. And the ending is pure poetry!

  • Macabre Pictures

    Inside is a quickly paced, thrill a minute terror ride that is almost inhumanly frightening. The violence in the film is so cold and calculated that it gives the film an almost surreal feeling, almost like the European horror of the 60’s and 70’s. Even though Inside is drenched, and I mean DRENCHED in buckets of gore, the wonderful special effects are not what stay with you, it’s the story and the fact that it seems plausable.

    On the downside, a few bumbling cops slow down the pace for a little while, but once they are dispatched of, the film returns triumphantly.

    Inside is a must see!

  • Gwangi

    Oh man, where do I begin with this one. From start to finish this movie is just an absolute mind fuck, it absolutely blew my mind. I’m gonna put it out there, this movie is one of the most brutal, violent, disgusting, dark and depressing movies I have ever seen…and I loved every second of it. There is not a single ounce of happiness, not a single ray of sunshine during its entire 83 minutes and despite that fact I have virtually nothing negative to say about this movie. The story is simple and at the same time brilliant, the actresses are amazing. I truly felt for Alysson Paradis’s character and Béatrice Dalle’s character was the most frightening woman you could ever conceive of. This movie is not without its flaws though, the only one really worth mentioning; CGI baby, luckily the shots with him are few and far between. Other then that everything was fantastic, even the dubbing was good…at least when compared with other dubbed movies. One of the best horror movies I have ever seen. Honestly, it made me want to eat my own face.

  • divine_heresy

    This is by far one of the most violent movies I have ever seen. It’s refreshing to see something new like this. While Hollywood is running out of new ideas and remaking just about everything they can think of the French are re-inventing the horror genre. Frontiere (s), Martyrs and Inside. I must admit that watching subtitled films can be difficult at times but this one is well worth the watch. The plot is simple yet doesn’t quite reveal itself fully until the end, it keeps you wondering why would someone be doing this? The acting is very good and the set is very small which adds to the sheer terror. This film is very surrealistic and very bloody. At the end I was in total awe. This film was truly brutal yet not too over the top. If you like horror then you need to watch this one.

  • Lycurgus

    I’m not going to go on a profanity laced rant over how mainstream horror films are ruining the genre, only to segue into a review of another foreign film that once again makes your favorite Hollywood horror remake look like Bring It On. I’m not going to bitch about how much I hate so and so as a director, or how torture porn is an affront to my sensibilities and intelligence. No. I’m tired of this, and I’m sure everyone else is as well. Instead, I am going to simply say this:

    À L’Intérieur is an amazing film, and no self-respecting horror fan should go without seeing it.

    Directed by newcomers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury (Bustillo wrote the screenplay), the story is genuinely original yet flirts on standard horror tropes. A young woman named Sarah loses her husband in a violent head-on collision, and all that she has left is her unborn baby, a scarred face, and her job as a photographer. Four months after the accident and still grieving, she is visited at her home on Christmas Eve by a shadowy woman who will stop at nothing to acquire Sarah’s unborn child. And I mean nothing. The introduction of the unknown woman sets into a motion a film that is, simply put, a complete onslaught on the senses. It is one of the most brutally violent, disturbing, and utterly gut-wrenching horror films I think I have ever seen. The movie was an eighty-eight minute long crescendo of soul-crushing violence and bloodshed weaved around a story of desperation that makes you feel like you just watched the crucifixion.

    Some, however, might be quick to point out that the excessive violence and bloodshed would require this film to fall under the umbrella of torture porn. This would be a mistake, and what I could only consider a monumental insult to the filmmakers who no doubt poured their heart and soul into making a movie truly deserving the moniker of horror. Aside from scenes of explicit torture being completely absent, films that are often referred to as torture porn lack the masterful storytelling and raw emotion that are required to make a horror film truly effective, and À L’Intérieur presented all of this in a manner that would make its absence a detriment to the film and the impact it has on the viewer.

    One of the aspects of this film that sets it apart from the gore-infested tripe we normally see is the characters. Throughout the film Sarah, portrayed by Alysson Paradis (who is apparently Johnny Depp’s sister-in-law), displays alternating bouts of intensity and capitulation, giving to the character a sense of realism not often seen in horror films of this caliber. The interspersing of scenes in utero display the motivator for surviving the horrendous ordeal – the baby might seemingly represent the last vestiges of a life taken from her four months prior – while at the same time showing her to be a woman who at times has simply reached the threshold of what an ordinary human can handle. This is all juxtaposed by the alternating bouts of utter rage and placid determination displayed by the unnamed intruder, la femme, who will stop at absolutely nothing to make Sarah’s unborn child her own. In contrast to this, a beautiful dichotomy is seen in the characters’ contrasted appearance: Sarah wearing a white evening gown, and la femme wearing a long black dress and a corset throughout the film (an interview with the directors revealed they were inspired by Pinhead and Michael Myers in the look they chose for her).

    Visually the film is stunning. It’s dark and brooding atmosphere, accentuated by the genuinely disturbing performance by Beatrice Dalle, is offset only by the red hue given off by the impressive and stunning deluge of blood (quite literally at one point) that pervades the latter half of the film. The soundtrack is impressive, alternating a string arrangement with a cacophony of noises to heighten the mood of the scene, though at times I did feel that it was inappropriate, and seemed to be more of a hindrance to the overall effectiveness of the scene that a benefit.

    No film is truly perfect, and À L’Intérieur suffers from a few issues that I feel don’t necessarily detract from the overall impact of the film, but are prominent enough to where they make the viewer scratch their head or roll their eyes. A scene involving a little bit of CGI made me cringe over how fake it looked, and toward the end logic gave way to absurdity in a scene that was quite possibly one of the most brutal in the film. One reviewer, in what featured quite possibly the greatest number of instances in which the word “fuck” was used to review one movie, cited the supposedly incredible absence of all logic throughout the course of the film (why did Sarah not scream for the cops? – note: maybe she was in a state of shock? scared shitless? who knows?). While I agree with most of the points he attempts to make, I myself attempted to reason away some of them in the comments section.

    Man, FUCK the 5000 character limit!

  • Frantic Disembowelment

    I think the guy below said everything…lol…no, seriously. This one is very well done. The gore is extremely professional. It just looks too real. The characters do their job well – acting is brilliant. There is just…I don’t get the end of the movie.

  • drek

    After seeing High Tension and really looking forward to what the French had to offer then seeing Frontier(s) and kinda losing hope I was really glad to hear about Inside. I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago and instantly loved it. The effects, story, blood, were all amazing and the opening car crash seen was really well done. Definitely on my favorites list!

  • N3kr0

    European horror is gaining terrain. the great studios, are all about money, so every single movie, if not remake, it has bunch of pretty girls, and pretty boys. Just trying to sell, and if there’s too much of this and that, MPAA does the cut and gives it a PG-13 and the horror movie goes to romantic horror or wateva. i’ve already watched Frontiers, and loved it, a sort of texas chainsaw massacre kind of thing, extremely violent, till i saw Inside. Sweet mother of god… what a nlast, i was blown away, those french are insane, what i most loved a out it, was not the realistic and disturbing violence, or the dark depressing and claustrophobic environment. It was the soundtrack, Shining like crippy noises. PERFECT MOVIE. Can’t wait for Martyrs =)

  • R.J.MacReady

    This movie really tricked me. It started off so slow, I figured it would be rather psychological and creepy. Man was I wrong! This film is like a speeding car without any breaks, it just keeps moving and never lets up. The gore and action are so stupendous and disturbing you may find yourself wanting to look away but you know deep down you just want to keep watching for what will happen next. The French certainly seem to know how to handle gore and suspense extremely well which this movie illustrates to the fullest extent. The final shot of this film will stay in your head for days.

  • Protecious

    Wow, what a violent punch this movie packed, very very very gory and violent, there is hardly any gory scenes in movies anymore that make me cringe, but there was a scene in “inside” that was very horrific I admit i almost felt i was going to faint or pass out, ive never felt like that in a movie, but just because you contain that in your movie doesnt mean it’s good, it just means it’s shocking, however the storyline in this filim and the acting were very believable and interesting, i feel the villian in this movie was excellent and one of the greatest (SPOILER) female villians of the horror genre, she was very intense, very evil presence, but in the end we find out why she does what she does, and you sort of understand where she’s coming from, something you dont feel about her at all during most of the film until towards the end, was she right in doing what she did? well you be the judge, but unless you were in her shoes and went through what she did, nobody would really know what they would do in a situation like that.
    Inside=very intense, the most violent movie i think ive seen since haute tension.

  • Kennreaper666

    As i watch in shock and a Baby get ripped open of a womens stomach i thought to my self. “man, That was f*cked up!” I didnt like the cops on there. They where dumb kind of. And the criminal Had a gun? He could of just shot the b*tch. But no. He ended up screaming and STAB! scissor in the head >:( Im surpised The pregnate woman wasnt dumb like thoughs other Dumb asses that just Scream and run, scream and lose clothes, scream and then die. Differents was she fought back and managed To burn the psycho b*tches face and stab her arm or Smash a lamp on her head.
    I gave her some clapping for not being a dumb. :) other than Gruesome deaths like Stabed in the ball sack or Head blown off. I liked this movie for what it truly is. DISTURBING!! and im talking about the UNRATED version. 8/10!!

  • janene42

    Horrorshow in every fantastic and twisted way! The gore and effects are done in detail and work sickeningly well with the lighting. The actresses slay so called American scream queens and make cliche characters “crazy” and “victim” new again. Rent it, buy it, see it!

  • Guitarded

    The Best thing to come out of France EVER. This movie was fucking amazing. A no-holds-barred gorefest. It’ll make you say “they’ll cut the camera away any second now, any second… o no, They’re actuall… THEY SHOWED IT”

  • Ashfan777

    The Inside is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s intense, shocking and gut-wrenching. The acting is brilliant. Beatrice Dalle is one of the best movie villains ever. She is vicious and cruel and larger than life. Allyson Paradis goes through the wringer and makes it all believable. The ending is a kick in the gut. An instant horror classic.

  • draculaghost


  • gaz46andtwo


  • Bloodymuffins

    Brutal, scary, tense, bloody, and amazing. This movie rocked.

  • Chaotic_Pirate

    Inside is def one of those movies that you must watch alone and in the dark late at night. Although I can’t remember the last time I was this scared after watching a horror movie, the last 15-20 minutes of the movie ALMOST ruined the other 75 or so min. I say almost because I can’t discredit the brilliance of the rest of the movie. One of the things that really sold me was the gloomy, almost golden color scheme that made the house that much more terrifying, then the one place the main character hides is a bright white that totally threw me off and fucked with me. It goes to show that even a brightly lit bathroom is no escape in real life! One of the best movies of the year.

  • Chaotic_Pirate

    Inside is def one of those movies that you must watch alone and in the dark late at night. Although I can’t remember the last time I was this scared after watching a horror movie, the last 15-20 minutes of the movie ALMOST ruined the other 75 or so min. I say almost because I can’t discredit the brilliance of the rest of the movie. One of the things that really sold me was the gloomy, almost golden color scheme that made the house that much more terrifying, then the one place the main character hides is a bright white bathroom that totally threw me off and fucked with me. It goes to show that even a brightly lit bathroom is no escape in real life! One of the best movies of the year.

  • The Naitcha Boy

    I must say that I was skeptical when I first saw this on the shelf at my local video store. I read the high review Bloody Disgusting gave this movie and decided to give it a go. I must say this was probably the creepiest/scariest movie I have ever seen. Yes, the movie is all sub-titles, but didn’t take away from the film what-so-ever. The first 10 minutes where rather slow, but what transpired the rest of the film was nothing short of brilliant. This movie is a must see for any type of horror movie fan. I will definitely have this one in my stocking this year. My Score: 10

  • bdwolfe312

    An absolute masterpiece!! Flawlessly executed, and one of the only films that I have ever seen that is genuinely terrifying. You have to suspend disbelief for a few moments (the ineptitude of the police officers comes to mind). However, this film is absolutely merciless. One of the best, most terrifying horror films that I have ever seen.

  • Lionel Cosgrove

    This film is loaded with great horror moments and has a cool little twist at the end, but it’s not until the credits roll that you realize just how weak the story actually is. Cool kills are easy to pull off, its weaving them into an interesting plot that takes the real skill. This film is like a funhouse ride, you enjoy in moment to moment, but when it’s all said and done, the lack of substance leaves little to be remembered. Although this film is definitely worth checking out, don’t believe all the “masterpiece” hype.

  • babagloom

    Great use of shadows. Creepy! And I don’t get creeped out often! Not perfect, but a great ride!

  • ParisHiltonLover

    I give it a 10 for gore but the movie really wasn’t that good also the worst ending I wanted a satisfying one not one that was just like dead there. I bought the movie and wish I could return it!

  • seanthescaryguy

    I’d really hate to admit it, but the foreign horror market blows American horror out the water. The only real, original, scary movies come from places other than the U.S. It’s a fact.

    Inside is a little gem from France that I thankfully found out about after I heard how much praise it got from the horror community. Well I put it in, but I was totally unprepared for the rape that ensued upon my senses.

    This movie is BLOODY. REALLY REALLY BLOODY. Like I can see George A. Romero watching this and saying “Damn thats too much blood”. But it wasn’t too much! Not only is there an obscene amount of blood and gore in this movie, but it’s done more realistically than any other movie I’ve ever seen.

    The performances were also top-notch. I really felt bad for our heroine as she just couldn’t get a break or find sanctuary against this psychotic woman who wants her baby. And I was convinced that our killer was truly frightening.

    When all is said and done, Inside is one of the best horror films of this or any other year before or after. America should take notice and strive for this type of greatness and originality, because this is truly how horror is supposed to be done.

  • kermy

    Enoyed this movie, i recommend it to others who like Horror or abit of Thriller 😉

    The very end reminded me of:
    Tales from the Krypt
    am sure there was an episode where Krypty was rocking in a chair holding a baby, the last shot reminds me of this. If anyone knows which Episode, please PM me n let me know.

    Ending was just perfect.
    Maybe it would have been better if the child was dead in her arms. Would reflect how crazy the lady really was in search for the baby.
    If the child was dead, please update me, since it didn’t have a proper birth, it may not have survived.


    This Movie really moved me I think the characters great the plot great all around I think this movie will be the spearhead to more like it.

  • wolves ate the king

    wow the level of brutality in this movie was amazing. the directing was great, but i feel the script was lacking. one should still watch regardless of reviews. the only reason i’m giving the score i am is the direction and violence/gore

  • mikethademon

    Awesome movie! Violent, scary, bloody, good story, and you can just feel real horror here. The woman was crazy as hell. Must see!

  • theintruder138

    This movie is great, i love everything about it. The best thing to do is show it to people who don’t really watch horror, there reaction is priceless.

  • Bone Gnawer

    A fuckin rush to the senses approaching freak out proportions i.e. LOVED IT! Hollywood needs to
    bring in some new blood visionaries and get rid of the posers and wimps that currently churn out bullshit recycled sequel themes. Unside is a killer flick. Witness it for yourself. Martyrs is next.

  • dabulk2

    An excellent film. Loved the fact that there was a ridiculous amount of gore. The ending was spectacular!

  • HarryWarden

    One of the most pschologically and physically cruel movies ever. La Femme definately belongs in the horror hall of fame, possibly as the most evil villainess ever created.

  • GRUDGE4life

    this movie was brilliantly gory… the story was amazing… the ending was also brilliant… i will never forget the last image of the lady sitting in the wheelchair with the most likely dead baby in her hands… OMG!!!!! top 5 all time for me!!!!

  • WaterWhipped

    great movie….

  • RobertoKillz

    What a beautiful and brutal film, one of the best i have seen in years. It had me just drained of emotions once it was over and i couldn’t move i was just flat out shocked, i couldn’t be happier this is the kind of movie that i have been waiting to see for a long time, such an amazing display of talent in front and behind the camera. Brutality and all out carnage have never looked so amazing and the ending contains one of the most haunting images i have ever seen. Just a Magnificent film

  • JohnnyHorror30

    if this website name of bloody disgusting was to be given to any movie, INSIDE would be the one, it is absolutly the most graphic, brutal horror movie of all time

  • goooore


  • shadowminx69

    OMG I just Watched this movie. I feel very ashamed that I sat threw the whole thing. Movies like this don’t bother me Audtion, High Tension, and Others but… Inside bothered me greatly. I had a very hard time watching it; I fidgeted, I covered my mouth, I looked away from the TV alot and when it was over I balled my eyes out for 15 min! I mean Christ when that baby got killed in Feast 2 I was shocked at first and then Laughed for 30 min. But This Movie was no laughing matter and it made me feel very icky inside.

    I give props to the director and actors making this movie; how they could do It I don’t know. Only thing that really Sucks about this movie is I have to show all my friends and watch it with them and I am not sure I can because I might cry again.

  • Hore_freak13

    I watched this movie a few months back, and it still sits with me. I am a genuine gore hound, nothing seems to get me. Yet, this one definitley tops the charts for disturbing flicks. If you are looking for a horror movie that will leave you in awe, and has an uncomfortable but need to keep watching feel, this is definitley for you. Not recommended for squirmish viewers, yet most great horror flicks aren’t. This is definitley the most unsettling, disturbing and goriest film I have seen. The directors/writers and actors must have viewed a real-life murder in order for their imaginations to create this movie. Highly recommended for the real horror fans out there.

  • eric2570

    This movie was truly one of the most brutally violent and original horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. After watching it, I would easily rate it as one of my top 10 horror movies. If you’re looking for bloody gore and violence you’ve found the right movie. This movie has gained almost a cult like status in the fact that, I immediately loan it to friends so they can experience it for themselves. Other friends of mine that own it, do the same thing. A definite must see.

  • fantomas

    Perhaps THE greatest horror film EVER. Detractors want to pick apart the writing. OK … let’s look at the writing. It’s essentially a reverse of the nativity story (night before Christmas, three Kings/cops) that took a former French centerfold and turned her into one of the sickest female villains ever created on film. The protagonist has a great character arc and NAILS the state a woman is in after having experienced loss. The blood is the greatest-looking blood ever photographed – perfect viscosity and just the right amount of brown rust. The music is sublime. Buy this film!!

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    Amazing movie, truly a fantastic and brutal masterpiece of horror. It works on every level, and is one of only a small few movies that made me say “wow, that was almost too much.” Normally when I watch a horror film, I revel in the blood and gore, but this one had me cringing and looking away, and actually sick to my stomach (a reaction I haven’t had to a movie since the “turtle” scene in Cannibal Holocaust). It was beautifully shot, beautifully lit, and one of the most unpleasant films I’ve ever seen.

    One thing about the movie kinda had me scratching my head and thinking “okay, WTF?”, and that was the
    part where the guy gets up and starts beating the main character with the night stick and has that weird duel with the villain. WTF was up with that?! A whole movie of shocking violence and brutal realism, then a guy turns into a pissed off zombie and attacks the main character for no reason?
    ****END OF SPOILER****

    But that bizarre and confusing scene can be easily overlooked considering how brilliant the rest of the film is. Everyone who loves horror should see Inside.

  • Chris is Dead

    it sucks that gems like this never get a theatrical release here and shit like mirrors, and the Happening get big releases..this movie had my jaw dropped, and also scarred some of my friends. the movie was so intense and easily one of the best horror films of the past decade.

  • weasel corpse 666

    One of the best flicks to come out in a long time. There will probably be a U.S remake soon that will make tons of money and suck. Lets all pray that doesnt happen.

  • GGoblin31

    How I managed to NOT see this until now is beyond me. WOW. What a fucking brutal movie. It’s so nice to see filmmakers giving us original horror amidst a remake wasteland. This movie creeped me the fuck out which rarely happens these days. I loved the villain who reminded me of French, raven-haired Lizzie Borden w/ scissors. Just when you think the movie has pushed the limits, it shocks you with something out of left field. I will knock it for its use of CGI in some parts that glaringly stick out like a sore thumb. The “inside the womb” cam was unnecessary. Overall though, something every horror fan should check out. Bravo.

  • gorypass

    I hate this movie I hate it…….the woman who was pregnant woman should lose her child she was a bitch ……. I hated how the pissed off woman just came to her……also the blood factor was over done give me a break…..then the police office who came back as a zombie please give me a brake… really bugged me that it had to be a pregnant woman this is really stuff that happenes in real life pregnant women get killed for the babies so that was hard to see….I am not a fan of horror movies with children in them…adults can killed its fine but not babies or children….I am soft hearted towards kids sorry.

  • evildave

    sooo fucking BRUTAL!!

  • HunterG

    By far one of the sickest movies I’ve seen in a while. It gave me that uneasy feeling that I love after I have seen a good piece of horror, like “should I have watched this, does it make me a bad human being for having enjoyed this?”.
    This is up there with some of the best!!! If I’m a bad person for enjoying this so be it I’ll be watching it over and over!!

  • Mortagon

    What a sick and twisted movie. Not without its flaws, but the sheer brutality and bloodshed of this film puts it on my top ten list of all time horror favorites.

  • Celebrity Killing Spree

    It’s been a year or so since I’ve seen this film and I remember at the time being pretty disappointed.
    To be honest I wish that I hadn’t heard any of the hype leading up to it because I know it must have coloured my expectations. One thing in particular that I kept hearing on this site was that it was appropriately comparable to the original Halloween and I know I walked into the film expecting this. So now I’m at a point where I can’t decide if I was disappointed because the film didn’t live up to the perfection that is John Carpenter’s Halloween or if it was just disappointing on it’s own merit. So take what I have to say with a grain of salt.
    If I HAD to make a comparison I would say it’s more like Rob Zombie’s Halloween in that it seemed to have stopped caring about tension and atmosphere early on and then utterly collapsed under the painfully predictable and completely unnecessary “motivation” of it’s killer.
    JC’s Halloween was scary as hell simply because it’s killer was a phantom. His motivations were mysterious and all the more frightening because they were locked ‘inside’ his head.
    Now I don’t have any problem with the idea of giving your killer a sympathetic backstory to inform upon their state of mind and make them all the more human and blah, blah, blah, I just think that if you ARE going to do it that way you better make sure you do it well!
    It’s painful for the audience when they come to discover that the shape of fear they’ve imbued with such terror and titillation is revealed to have a motive that is cliche or predictable. RZ’s Halloween is an example of the former, Inside is an example of the latter.
    YES the film was gory as hell, but… so what? There are plenty of horror films every year simply gushing with gore, if that’s all your film has to offer it’s simply going to blend into the blood spattered scenery. I respect the attempt to try and out stab, out slash and out eviscerate the competition but if you want to make a great horror film you ultimately have to give people something they’ve never seen before.
    If you look past the guilty pleasure of getting to see people maimed in laundry list of ways, everything else this film has to offer is the same stuff we’ve seen before… over and over again.
    Which is FINE, even enjoyable under the right circumstances but it’s not SCARY, it’s not INTERESTING and it’s certainly not enough of a reason to compare it to JOHN CARPENTER’s fucking HALLOWEEN!!

  • Slaser Maniac

    One of the better french movies i have seen. Its a good movie to keep you watching. It’s not as good as High Tension but its a good movie to buy. Im still looking forward to Martyrs, to see whats better inside or Martyrs. See it.

  • randomrick

    one of my new faves this move gets going and never lets up, its ultra violent,and has a plot tht works on many levels!THe french did it perfect in this one fucking amazing movie!!!

  • Drayke

    First of all, I should preface this review by saying I JUST finished watching Inside. I wanted to write my review before the impact of the film wore off (although I’m sure that’ll take a while!) I did however browse the other user reviews while gathering my thoughts (and kudos to the person who received this film as a gift from Grandma!) It’s certainly possible that I’ll have a different opinion of the movie in a month.

    This is quite simply the most brutal, bloody movie I’ve ever seen and one of the most unsettling. Words can’t describe how graphic the violence is. It was so violent in fact that under normal circumstances I would’ve found it over-the-top and silly like something out of an old samurai movie. But the extremely heavy and serious tone of the film coupled with the subject matter involving an unborn baby in peril keeps the blood and gore feeling shockingly real and disturbing (except in one or two unfortunate uses of bad CGI.)

    If I were rating this film simply on its ability to horrify, I’d give it a 10, no question. However, I’m not sure if I actually enjoyed Inside. It certainly held my attention, but it was such a downer ALL THE TIME that I found myself continually hoping it would just end already. Also, unlike with similar shockers such as Audition, it just never felt “ok” to revel in any of the violence. The subject matter was just too upsetting to ever allow myself to have fun watching the movie!

    One other thing I should mention about Inside is that despite being disturbing and horrific, I personally didn’t find the movie “scary” after the first act. In the first act there were a few genuinely creepy moments that gave me shivers and had me reaching for the nearest blanket. But for whatever reason, once the violence started, the movie completely lost any spooky or creepy vibe it had to it. It certainly felt sad, disturbing, and shocking, just not scary. That’s not a criticism per se, just an observation.

    All in all, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Inside, despite never wanting to see it again. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a fun Friday the 13th style slasher film. Nor would I recommend it to anyone who feels that there’s such a thing as a movie going too far. However, if you’re one of the few truly masochistic film voyeurs who wants to be shocked and disturbed at any cost, you will absolutely adore Inside.

  • Winter

    loooovvvvveedddd it!…. fuck all the haters… I’m %100 with mr. disgusting

  • !rogue!

    woah! this film was messed up and is the goriest movie ive ever scene! it wasnt as scary as i thought it was going to be but wow it was weird! but good!

  • AvoidTheCheese

    Have you been searching for the scariest movies of all time for a VERY LONG TIME? Well no need to hurt yourself, one of them is right here. They should show this to teens who liked Juno, they’ll think NEVER want to be pregnant.This movie will make cringe, it will make you scream, it will make you gasp..It will make you tell your freinds how truly great this film is.. and something that comes rare: It will scare you. Yes it will. The killer, she’s outstanding. The motive, is brilliant. The movie, top-notch. French horror never ceases to amaze me. Gorehounds, sychologicals, thriller-people, or just movie watchers, watch this movie. You must see it before you die!(and get pregnant)

  • satanslilsunbeam

    What a moronic overhyped piece of crap. Seriously, I feel like an idiot for believing the hype. It was not disturbing and the gore was so over the top it was like a 15 year old making a bad 80’s slasher film. The premise was truly original and disturbing, but the execution was an abortion. I actually feel stupid as the credits roll. Is there a world record for eye rolls, cuz I think I topped it. What a pile of shit.


    the exellence in fucked up

  • nikolaibossman

    Best movie I watched in 08 hands down. Original story, incredible killer.

  • nightmaric

    Its a good movie. What else to say. But I think it was o erhyped and the ending was a little bit of a let down. THis is a well made movie. It deserves at least an 8. If not higher. THe FRench can definitely serve up horror.

  • Sammi

    I was highly disappointed at this movie.
    All these great reviews and it was pure crap .. the police officer-turned zombie was the most RANDOM thing I have ever seen in a supposedly REALiSTiC film .. i don’t understand what the buzz was about .

    But the slap to the face with the toaster was awesome, indeed.

  • BitterSweet

    Great starts very visceral, with fantastic pacing and suspense. The film displays the ability to terrify an audience with the aid of well places shots and great camera angles. However that being said the last 25-30 minutes really hurt the film with over the top gore that is completely unrealistic for a film that was trying hard to stay grounded.

    Inside is a great achievement in the thriller genre introducing us to a female protagonist capable of monstrous acts of cruelty. The movie however suffers from some bad effect and a very poor ending. All in all a definitely a worthy watch.

  • thegreatone

    This film was pretty nasty. It had me on the edge of my seat at times and I was hating the chick who was trying to kill the pregnant woman. The story is good and the gore and blood are insane and disturbing. Also, the woman protagonist was really twisted and cruel and certifiable. I am not recommending this movie to anyone that is pregnant because you probably won’t sleep for a couple days after watching this film. Overall I enjoyed this movie and I watched it without the English subtitles so I had no idea what they were saying but I followed the movie pretty well by just watching the action unfold. good flick.

  • civilmaggot

    gut wrenching. truly disturbing and at some times hard to watch. Everything here just works, the emotions you will get out of this movie are indescribable.

  • Gorefetishmonkey

    A truly disturbing and messed up movie.It has the best gun shot death I have seen in a movie. Recommended to anyone who likes disturbing horror movies.

  • fenderxx

    i am actually speechless. I have never felt such a chill go through my whole body. My head actually hurt after i watched it because of all the intensity. AMAZING

  • djrb345

    Overkill as far as the brutality and gore, but that aside, the story alone makes this one of the most horrific films ever made. The two lead actresses are exceptional and in the final few moments when the “why” of the movie is revealed, it is almost heartbreaking. Too much over-the-top violence messes up what could have been a horror classic, strangely topical in a time when the crime of home intrusion is at an all-time high.

  • Steanu

    I liked it but there were moments that annoyed me (Primarily how dumb some of the characters were) but it is worth a look. It’s well filmed and edited.

  • JTJ10

    Really cool movie..different from alot of this standard crap. Not AMAZING, but pretty well made. Great actors. Gore didnt bother me, that much. A few good scares as well. I still think the french film “THEM” is better.

  • pradakirb

    Yes, it did had gore and yes, it did have tension. Problem is with this film is that the ending ruins everything. All it is is just GORE. Nothing special. It’s not even scary. Just gory. If you wanna waste 72 minutes on blood and gore, be my guess. But, if you want to watch a real scary movie that’s French; I recommend THEM (Ils) or Martyrs.

  • PrimeTimeSlasher

    This is hands down the best horror movie for gore as well as for most disturbing and twisted as well as just flat out SICK!!! The killings were great, acting was great, this was a truly incredible bloodbath from to start to finish. This one is for the real sick horror movie fans. LOVED IT!

  • Skratchy

    Sheer awesome. Thrilling, disturbing, captivating. It’s so simple a story, but that’s what assists in the sense of claustrophobia and helplessness the film distills in you.

    Luckily I never heard any of the hype either.

    If you can pretend that the police aren’t as completely incapable and retarded as the appear to be, it makes it all the more enjoyable too.

    And will people stop bitching about the “zombie police officer”?! He wasn’t a zombie! He was fucking blind and didn’t know what he was doing. Jesus.

  • horrorking95

    This film grabs your attention from start to finish there is never a dull moment! Which is something i always love in horror films, plus there is lots of gore and blood its disgustig! WHICH IS BRILLIANT! This film left me disturbed and scared the end scene haunts me! It is a disturbing film but an absolute brilliant one! This is horror at its finest! HIGHLY RECCOMEND
    Out Of

  • spacedog

    A M A Z I N G! One of the scariest killers of all time!

  • E.Rom.Jin

    **WOW** This film was an unforgiving, cringe-a-minute, razor to the jugular masterwork of horror cinema. Not for the squeamish, this film left me speechless upon it’s epic conclusion.

    A must see for the genre fan.

  • brenda24

    Let me say… this movie absolutly blew me away! I was not expecting the amount of brutality and utter violence that this film delivered. The end scene really shocked me. Even I became a little bothered by it, which to me is the sign of a great movie! This movie had me from start to finish. I can’t think of one negative thing to say about it. It was a truly excellent movie, and I hope this film opens the doors for more gruesome hardcore horror films to come.

  • VeryEvilDead


    Very intense movie. Very violent.

  • marsdreamjunky

    absolutely sick! i loved it. the acting was great from the 2 leads, the gore…man oh man was it a bloodbath. wow, i wish something like this could get away with an R rating to really fucking shock the living hell out of all the teeny boppers who sneak into horror flicks. anywho, this movie was great, and scary. a few friends and i played a drinking game to this once(whenever you see the killers gap in her teeth you take a shot, or whenever you see a cgi fetus take a shot) and one of the guys passed out and puked when he came to. good times

  • Grime

    I have lost all confidence in Bloody-Disgusting movie reviews/scores. Seriously, who over there is rating these movies? This is such an awful movie. It’s very predictable, highly unbelievable and just downright stupid. Renting this movie marks the last time I ever take a BD movie recommendation. I’m just here for the news.

  • TheBigComedown

    Gut-wrenching and brutal, it’s the perfect kind of horror movie that ties your stomach in a knot early, and doesn’t let go until long after it’s over.

    Excellent acting, direction and music, the gore is quite realistic and very plentiful. This is a definite must see for not only genre fans, but also open minded cinema fans, as long as you don’t have a weak stomach.

  • BelaManiac

    Over-the-top, disgusting and highly disturbing, and I mean that in the best way possible. This movie has you from the beginning to end. This is one of those films that leaves you with that sick feeling for a long while after. I’ve seen maybe gory movies in my day, but this one was just wow! The only word I can think of. The blood was definately a-flowing. And that ending — how unnerving. I can watch it again and again

  • Neuropathology

    A lot of people seem to be upset about this movie, calling it a “predictable” gore fest without a climax astonishing enough to tie the violence together. I can see how someone could feel that way. However, I disagree. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman (I doubt it), maybe it’s because the thought of carrying a child repulses me, or maybe it’s because I have issues with people touching my belly button, but I found Inside to be terrifying, gruesome, and altogether an extremely satisfying film. Granted, some of the outside interference from secondary characters was more than a little unrealistic and perhaps unnecessary. But the relationship that develops between Sarah and the Woman in Black never ceases to be disturbing and fascinating. Recommended.

  • !!rogue!!

    Just plain out awesomeness right here.

  • slackjaw328

    This was more of a gore fest rather than horror. I didnt get the whole cop at the circuit breaker scene? It was fast paced and kept me glued to the seat, but def not a scary movie…. I LOVED the toaster over scene.

  • horrorbuff28

    inside is one of the creepiest films i have ever seen and one of the bloodiest films i have ever seen.
    the two first time directors did an excellent job making this bloodbath of a horror movie.
    easily comparible to john carpenters HALLOWEEN.
    one of my favorite horror movies.

  • rddr13


  • YoungHorror

    Anyone who rates this movie any lower than 4 skulls is a complete retard. This movie is amazing! It has GREAT gore, AWESOME acting, and best of all… REWATCH VALUE! A very fun, creepy, and enjoyable horror film. Highly recommended!

  • theyalldie

    disturbing, twisted, terrifying, phenomenal!

    Truly a jaw dropping masterpiece! every aspect of this movie worked. The acting was amazing, Alysson Paradis and Béatrice Dalle’s performances were astonishing. The atmosphere was perfect, sucked you straight into the film. The gore was flawless and it supplemented the intensity of this film brilliantly.

    The conclusion to this film had me take a few moments to contemplate what I had just witnessed. After all that, all I could say was “wow”… this film was an unforgettable experience.

    I highly Recommend it

  • jula

    This movie is has great gore and is full of blood. ==SPOILERS== the scene when the woman blew the cop`s head is one of my favorite scene from all horror movies.highly recommended!!!

  • BMCS

    wow. This was really good. Very intense. There’s only a couple spots that you scratch your head and think: “Yea, I don’t think so…he would sooo call for back up..” BUT, we forgive them, because it’s just so damn cool and bloody and crazy.
    Check it out, well worth it.

  • buddhaabdi

    Classic, one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

  • blck_cherry

    I almost felt nauseated by the end of it and the image of the blinded and deafened cop everyone thinks is a zombie disturbed me for good two or three hours.
    Not my favorite movie of all times but something good if you’re in need of gratuitous gore, excess of blood and scenes that actually induce physical pain.

  • MattSlash

    A extremely gory, suspenseful, intense horror/thriller about a pregnant woman who survives a car crash that kills her husband. Due any day the woman decides to stay home alone for the holidays, and soon gets stalked by a derange woman who desperately wants to get inside her home and take her unborn child. This movie was near perfect, I just thought it went a little over the top with the gore, and the ending though a very spooky&haunting one was kind of a let down. Overall I recommend this terrifying horror/thriller.

  • markajacoby

    Beyond a doubt, one of the most jaw dropping horror experiences I have ever witnessed. Unrelenting in its fierceness, Inside refuses to turn away from start to finish. I’ve heard some compare Martyrs to this film. Let me tell you there is NO comparison. Inside is so far beyond anything I’ve seen, it simply must harken back to the first time I sat in a theatre and watched the original Texas Chainsaw or Last House on the Left in that you just kept thinking, “They can’t possibly take this that far…. Oh S*** they did!” And yet it’s not just gore for gore’s sake. There’s actually a story line to the movie with solid photography and acting. They often say “this movie isn’t for the faint of heart” well this one truly is. Don’t just run out to get your hands on this one. Drop everything you are doing to do so!

  • trickytreats

    One of the goriest movies I have ever seen. I loved it.

  • immortaldeath

    wow! never thought i would see a backally seasection. one more reason why the french school american horror

  • Chuletafilms1

    Better than any gringo movie

  • Bloodcitydemon

    I’ve owned this GEM since it first hit the shelves. Not expecting much due to the fact that most horror movies these days are so over-hyped that I usually past on a good amount but I must admit I had a weird feeling about this one. I now can say…I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS CLASSIC! It has everything the genre is missing…original plot…viseral gore..a twist you that leaves you so drained at the end of the film your speechless. Now that I’ve owned this one for awhile and notice how repetative it’s become in my rotation and I can now say this has entered my top ten. That is usually reserved for the classics of the 70’s an 80’s but I did have to make a exception due to the plain originality of this film. It you don’t own this already I urge you go purchase this film one that’s name will be lingering for time to come…don’t miss out on imo a sure fire classic!!!

  • ukbeast

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOAAA its now got u.k. release date

  • xXFacelessXx

    I’m gonna start by saying that this movie is fucked up, and it’s not even fucked up to the point where it makes you just cringe, it was me and three of my friends and it was fucked up to the point where we were screaming, throwing things at the ground and it even got to the point to where I felt sick to my stomach (no movie has ever done that to me before)! I loved this movie, the ending really was shocking and threw me off when I realized it and by reading the reviews I’ve read here, it totally neglects the real horror Inside holds. This movie is relentless yet at the same time has a solid story line with everything flowing together very smoothly. You’d never expect what the final hours hold and using a quote from my friend “I had no idea the french were so fucked up, it’s amazing”. Inside is worth the buy and is by far the best french movie I’ve seen. This review is a little informal but if you were there to watch it last night with us, you’d completely get that Inside is fucking insane.

  • el terror

    This is one of the most shocking films I have seen. And I mean this in a good way!
    I’ve read so many opinions on this film, about how good it is and how bloody it is. I never expected it to live up to my expectations but it did!
    The story lacks depth but it doesn’t make the film weak as what matters most is what you are seeing on screen. The two leads do brilliant jobs as do the rest of the cast. There are some seriously shocking images in this film which are definitely not for the squeamish and they certainly don’t hold back on the blood and gore.
    The story unfolds at a fast pace and what starts out as drama type film about a woman getting over the death of her husband in a car crash quickly escalates further and further into absolute carnage! I really don’t want to give anything away. Watch it!….and drive carefully!

  • kryptonite_soul

    cant believe this film has taken so long to get its UK release, just so unfair we miss out on movies like this.

    i thought the film was fantastic, not scary but chilling, theres nothing in this that will make you jump out of your skin but instead it will get under your skin and it just isnnt something that can easily be forgotten.

    Fantastic, Brilliant and Utterly Brutal.

  • _Boss_

    great movie, loved it from the beginning to end. Great gore and effects.

  • killa klown

    just watched inside,what a movie,must praise european film makers they got big brass balls

  • XxDeviantDawnxX

    Possibly the bloodiest movie I’ve ever seen. One of the best home invasion movies ever!

  • bowl

    This movie was good, but Martyrs still is my all time favourite!

  • Mrmcd666

    Fucking distrurbing as hell. If you want a movie to stay in your head for a while then watch inside. It all starts when a woman who is pregnant loses her Husband in a car crash (this is significant to the plot)and goes through mouring while still pregnant. One night she hears a knock on her door and all goes chaotic. If you have seen high tension then you know where this movie will go. Great movie

  • Verbal Kint

    The definition of a great huis clos. The concept is well thought out and Beatrice Dalle fits perfectly in this role.
    I loved it

  • chadron

    If you wanted an example of a typical French horror film, this would make an excellent nominee. It is visually arresting, incredibly bizarre from a plot perspective, clinically moody and grim and absolutely absent of any sense of lightness or brevity like you see in American films sometimes (“Sheitan” certainly has comedy in it, but I don’t consider it fully French because Vincent Cassel actually wrote and directed it).

  • Atheist-American

    This movie goes far beyond any of the so-called “torture porn” of the Saw and Hostel series. But with much more believable characters, better pacing, and a subtle but horrifying plot. Highly recommended, but only if you can handle the violence.

  • Da Storm

    Posted By: chadron at 10:22am, November 5, 2009
    (“Sheitan” certainly has comedy in it, but I don’t consider it fully French because Vincent Cassel actually wrote and directed it).

    1. Vincent Cassel is French (his father was a popular french actor, his mother a french journalist and his brother is a popular french rapper)
    2. Kim Chapiron (Kourtrajmé) wrote & directed Sheitan
    3. Cassel just produced it cuz his friends (Kourtrajmé) didn’t have the money for.

    Inside is a great movie.

  • legolasgarett

    It is a classic – In my Book :-

    1) High Tension

    2) Inside

    3) Martyrs

    You don’t say much for a work of art like this – The Twist is amazing.Just watch it.Mandatory Viewing.

  • Ghost Prototype

    Inside is a very well done movie. I generally don’t expect to be scared going into so-called “slasher” films, but there is something different about this one. Not only is it very suspenseful, keeping you on the edge of your seat, but it leaves nothing to the imagination. This is definitely one of the most gruesome, goriest films I have ever seen (which is intensified by the very nature of the subject matter). The closing moments left me speechless. Definitely a must see for horror fans, definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • Poppedeyes

    After finally getting a hold of this film (it is unreleased in Australia at the moment)I am so glad I got it shipped from the the States.
    An amazingly violent film but not violent for violence sake. Inside has a lot of excellent moments, like the woman standing outside the window just in shilouette is a chill inducing image…even now when I cm recalling it. Then there is carnage. A litney of things you don’t want happening to you, happen to those on screen and as a result it is VERY uncomfortable viewing. With a film of this kind you’d expect the characters to be slight on depth but not in INSIDE. Allyson Paradis adds a great deal to her character, opting to play her character with a hard edge before the sharp edges start flying her way. Whilst Beatrice Dalle gives her character an absolutely frightening face but one that hides the pain she has suffered before, which disappears quickly when the maniac inside her decides that it is time to strike. Going where other films wouldn’t dare this is another standout film from the French proving they are the benchmark in horror at the present time.

  • ZombieJasonVorhees

    Wow. Just… wow.

    This movie is BRUTAL!

    Complete intensity from the moment “La Femme” (The Woman) shows up.

    The actresses both did amazing jobs in their roles.

    Very impressive special fx on display here, gore is top notch.

    The movie has a very eery atmosphere. Everything is top knotch.

    If you are a true horror fan you have to see this movie ASAP.



    The cop was NOT a zombie. He was shot in the face twice at point blank range with a riot gun. He was Def and Blind, thats why he attacked her. He woke up and just started swinging.

    Also, can someone please explain to me why she poked a hole in her throat and then taped it up?? It sounded like she couldnt breathe but I didnt really catch what was happening.

  • rusted31

    Holy shit ! This is a movie where you need to hook your bottom jaw to sling, to prevent it from hitting the floor multiple times. These French horror directors sure love to throw the blood around and by the time this reaches it’s taboo shattering climax it has you thinking it was filmed in a slaughterhouse. The plot is as simple as they come, but the genuine fear and tension in the first half, followed by the excessive violence makes up for it. ‘The woman’ is a sad but terrifying villian who won’t stop until she gets what’s Inside. This is a brutal and shocking movie and not recommended viewing for midwives or expecting mothers. This takes pride of place in the cannon of French made horrors and will look lovely on our shelf next to Haute Tension, Martyrs and Frontier(s)

  • bad_taste

    This movie is totally insane – brutal, claustrophobic and utterly brilliant, provided you like your horror just a little bit blood-soaked… The ending is one of the toughest things I’ve ever watched, but the whole thing is shot so well, and the experience so uncomfortably engrossing that you just can’t take your eyes off it. It stays with you for days afterwards, some of the scenes are etched into your brain, such is the films power.

    Also, I think there’s more going on in this film than most give it credit for – the frequent if subtle references to the Paris riots allied to the themes of invasion, fear of the Other, fear for the future, etc., all hint at a more complex subtext concerning (hysterical representations of?) the issue of immigration – so if you do want to be scared, shocked and pretty much disgusted while at the same time, having something to think about after (and not just ‘I must remember to hide those scissors…’) then this is most definitely recommended.

    Also, ZombieJasonVorhees – I think Beatrice Dalle’s character had just taken some punishment to her chest/throat and couldn’t breathe as she was drowning in her own blood, so gave herself a Do-It-Yourself tracheotomy… Hence the hole-in-throat bit. Hardcore!

  • CountOrlok

    I went in with high expectations because of how hyped this was – and this film still blew me away. This is bound to be another classic French horror movie discussed for years to come. And this movie is brutal and I mean brutal. Loved every minute of it.

  • xln10

    Possibly the scariest movie I have ever seen! The ending was just… wow!

  • junksista

    i think its is one of my favourite movies ever – it really offers everything someone could hope starts creepy, it turns brutal..well..and it remains brutal!
    the end kicks ass and the acting is great.
    this is not just some brainless massacre- its smart and original. everyone should see this!!

  • AfterTheAsylum

    I decided to jump into Inside without ever watching a trailer, reading a review or reading the back of the DVD case. I really wasn’t expecting anything despite of all the positive scores that I saw (again, didn’t read a word of the reviews).

    I found Inside to be quite boring actually. It wasn’t a bad movie at all, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I guess after doing human dissections at university and watching so many horror films that simple blood and gore style films just don’t sicken or impress me, because really, that is all this movie is.

    The characters are static throughout and I honestly couldn’t care about what happened to anyone. The characters are just so bland and the storyline isn’t really that interesting to me. I was bored for the entire movie as it never captivated me until the cop turned the lights on, because then there was a certain surreal sequence that followed.

    I certainly understand why people absolutely love this film. I just prefer better characters, build, a film that actually can be rewarded on its writing rather than its blood amount and gross factor.

    I think you need to be a specific type of person to dislike or be indifferent to this movie. I fall into the indifferent category as I just prefer the more psychological, surreal and creature-driven type movie. Blood, guts and physical horror just isn’t enough anymore.

    I’d recommend it to everyone that enjoys horror, but I give it a 4 out of 10 for being of limited appeal to average.

  • La Femme

    This is the grand daddy of slasher flicks.

    It is f*cking INTENSE. The music is flawless, the acting from the 2 main characters is dead on, the special fx and camera angle are top knotch.

    I have NEVER EVER, EVER felt so tense watching a slasher movie. This is the one that literally had me on the edge of my seat. It had me chain smoking I was so nervous.

    Its also hilarious good fun to show this movie to people that havent seen alot of horror flicks, they will FLIP OUT. But be warned, alot of people cant handle this movie, its that serious.

    Make sure to pay attention all throught the beginning of the movie and see if you can spot the killer in the background, shes in like 80% of all the scenes.

    SEE THIS MOVIE. Nothing else comes close.

    Not even Martyrs. You really have to see this movie to understand why its so good. It pretty much the perfect movie if you can handle realism.

    The cops make some poor decisions but then again alot of the cops over there in real life are complete goof balls, I know this.

  • megalodonbite

    Holy F’in shit…I’m speechless. This movie is INSANE. Just, holy shit.

  • The Spook

    Oh my… This movie is the bomb! It has a lot of really intense and disturbing scenes, and everything about this movie is disturbingly perfect. The scenario is one of the worst possible. The acting is great, the effects are great, and overall this movie is actually scary.

  • Hammer Smashed Face

    Extremely bloody, violent, intense, disturbing, and downright sick–if any of these are qualities you like in a movie then this needs to be on your watch list. After the first 20 mins or so, my eyes never left the screen again because the suspense locked me in. A well-made and gruesome horror movie.

  • salene

    Where can you find this ‘AMAZING’ movie on dvd
    in the U.S.? I can’t seem to find it at the local
    Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. So where in the
    hell can I find it cuz I want to watch it so badly!!!

  • ghostofhaddonfield78

    after watching Inside, i can safely say its one of the bloodiest movies i have ever seen. after a car crash that takes the life of her husband, a pregnant woman is home alone on christmas eve and a strange woman shows up and wants to get inside..once it starts, it doesnt let up at all. this is one of the best home invasion films i have seen. it is extremely claustraphobic since it all takes place inside the house. the music was very good and added to the overall dread of the film. there were several shocking moments during the film but by far it was the ending that blew me away. it was so in your face and brutal, it really was quite hard to watch and the lasting image you see is haunting and once you find out the twist, you dont quite see it the same way that you thought you did while watching it. this is one of the best foriegn films i have seen and i would recommend it completely. but keep in mind, it is extremely gory and bloody and might be hard to handle for some, but if you enjoy the gore, make this a must buy

  • Savinis_bitch

    I pretty much new what I was expecting with this movie, I thought nothing could shock me, I’ve seen my fair share of violence and madness. There was one scene in this movie that shocked me, all in all the movie was pretty intense and gory. I felt uncomfortable most of the time, I didn’t want anything to happen to the unborn child. I wont give too much away. It’s an experience to watch this. The directing is smooth and nicely done, acting is superb, I remember reading in Fanorgia how much of a difficult time the actresses had filming this. And their performances were spot on, professional, The mad women is pretty scary. There’s a lot of violence in this, but it didn’t seem gratuitous. When it ended, I was surprised they actually realised this movie. I’m glad too, it’s a proper Horrific movie. Also, don’t watch this if you’re pregnant!

  • moviewatcher

    Inside blows the “Home Invasion” and “Psycho Bitch” genre out of the water…Excellently acted, well paced, creepy, tense and just downright gory in places. Deservedly ranks as one of my top horror movies of all time alongside High Tension,Frontiers and the classic Exorcist. L’Interieur (aka Inside) is best enjoyed on your own, in a darkened room with headphones on for MAXIMUM scare factor. I’m not one who scares easily but my heart and adrenaline pumped from the dream sequence onwards. Try and watch the Unrated edition if you can get ur hands on it, just have a bucket handy if you have a sensitive stomach!!!

  • Sevenoff

    Loving the French horror lately. This movie kept a creepy, tense vibe throughout the whole movie. It’s impossible to tear your eyes away, excellent movie – really intense.

  • msamy

    Wow! I am so glad I didn’t see the previews for this movie ‘cuz it blew me out of the freakin’ water! Great acting, wonderful story, and awesome gore!! My only regret is I can’t see it for the first time again- But I’m gonna make other people watch it!

  • UtopiaMinor666

    I finally saw this movie, and boy i am so glad that i did. It had just about everything, and was disturbing in such a tantilizing way. Copious and copious amounts of blood. There were a few parts that were just predictable, but being such a big fan of horror, these things are miniscule. And the ending is to die for, i really like how that turned out.

  • doctor who


  • brucevain

    “Inside”, truly a roller coaster of fear and suspense

    Inside is one of the greatest horror films to ever come out of France! Most recently the French have raised the bar with such titles such as “Haute Tension” and “Martyr’s( which in their own right are quite fantastic films of the genre, but “Inside” trumps them both. “Inside” is the Mona Lisa of all things horror.

    The opening sequence begins with a baby in the womb and the voice of a women speaking to becalm the child. At which point an impact is received in the womb, the baby appears to have induced the blow. The impact was caused by a car accident. An expectant mother in the drivers seat is seen trying to come to sorts, looks over to the passenger seat to find her husband overcome by his injuries.

    A few months later Sarah (Allyson Paradis) is instructed to return to the hospital in the morning for labor to be induced. That night(Christmas Eve) Sarah prepares for the next morning, when a knock at the door disrupts the low-key evening. The voice at the other end of the door asks to use the telephone. Sarah denies the visitor, but the stranger persists. Sarah eventually lies and states that her husband has gone to bed and opening the door would be a bad idea to wake him. The assiduous nuisance replies to Sarah that she doesn’t have a husband-her husband is dead. Sarah immediately contacts the authorities. For them to arrive and find nothing. Except for when she settles her head down for the night to fall asleep, the outline depiction of a women is seen standing in Sarah’s bedroom. The baffling stranger continues her compulsion for something Sarah has and holds dear to her heart….inside her stomach.

    “Inside was horror personified. One of the most suspenseful films I’ve ever seen. Across the board this film was well presented and executed. The entirety of the movie takes place in an apartment house, which produces a high anxiety setting for the viewer to crawl about. The scenes of horrific gore were very well produced. Nothing looked overdone, there is not a bit of exploitation here. Aside from some CGI work in the beginning, the effects were painstakingly realistic( not that I have seen someone getting their hand stabbed to a door with a pair of scissors). One scene in particular that is infinitely burned inside my brain is the sharp poker into one end and out the other of a humans neck or that same devious poker into the arm of La Femme ( Beatrice Dalle).

    As “Inside” makes the final turn toward the home stretch, the suspense is so thick, hopefully your doorbell doesn’t ring( cause you will shit yourself). “Inside” has incredible elements of pure terror, just another reason why this French film is a must see. I was literally talking to my television warning and steering the characters in different directions, unfortunately to no avail.

    Overall a well written, perfectly paced roller coaster of suspense, horror and acting so good it brings you into that terrible, terrible world that is “Inside” and just when you thought you may receive a reprieve from the action “Inside” brings you gore so shockingly realistic Valium should come with every rental.


  • HKCryss

    Saw it again a couple months ago, my friend showed it to me, we’re both into the gore genre. it was beautifuly shot, blew my mind, scared and excited thee whole way, never thought pregnancy was this scary xD.

  • BloodyBlackLace

    Inside (À l’intérieur) is one of my new favorites! It’s an uncompromising french horror film staring Alysson Paradis and Béatrice Dalle. It concerns the attack and home-invasion of a young pregnant woman by a mysterious stranger who seeks to take her unborn baby. If you think you’ve seen it all – I hold the bet, you haven’t!! This is one sick basterd of a movie – the story is quite simple, yes – but the pictures will haunt you, this movie isn’t afraid to spill your guts! The new future in disgusting horror comes from France, there are no boundaries, no limits and I swear no teenagers running around. This is the pure evil on screen and you will drown in gallons on fake blood, but in a serious believable way, that’s what makes this movie so creepy but still fun to watch! Happy End or Desperation??? Find it out yourself!
    I’m curious about more films of the writers/directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury

  • jason24


  • nilesy

    This film Rocks.
    I stumbled across it whilst shopping online and i must admit i was dubious.
    The film from start to finish had me on the edge of my seat. The acting is sublime, the characters are utterly belevable. The setting for the film is perfect, just right for a horror. This film is a horror though and through.
    The gore is fantastic, but does not overshadow the fear and terror our lead lady has to go through.
    I have read some reviews that arent as complimentary, all i can say is they are wrong.
    There is a point in the movie when the nutters reason for her actions make sense. Granted, her actions are extreme, but the story is understood when this happens.
    I sincerely hope america leaves this film alone and it can stay a brilliant work of art.

  • horrorgeek89

    really good. the goriest film i think i have ever seen. well the most realistic gore film ever. if you haven’t seen it. watch it


    wow…..jus WOW…….wad a MASTERPIECE…..truly french cinema cn notch dis up as its finest horror work besides MARTYRS……loved d characters ,,d story,,,,d gore n violence jus blew my mind literally……makes d american movies look shabby in comparison…… époustouflant…..;)

  • ParanoidAndy

    I had such high hopes for this film. After having seen such french films as Martyrs,High Tension, and Frontiers, and after having read the reviews for Inside, I expected another masterpiece. Yet, in the end Inside didn’t grab me the way the others did. Sure, it’s brutal and realistic but aside from that there isn’t anything special about this film. The story is weak and the characters have no personality. I felt like I was watching a shake and bake french horror film. And belive me, that comes from someone who really tried to like this movie.I bet a lot of folks will disagree with me, but what can I say? It sucked.

  • Nev

    I suppose this is the opposite of “Damning with faint praise … ”

    Few films have frustrated me so much, have disappointed me so profoundly, as Inside did. The reason? Because, for two acts, Inside is one of the best, most harrowing slashers I’ve ever seen: The concept is instinctively terrifying, the two female leads are phenomenal, the story is tight, the tension is high, the violence/gore sporadic but intense and appropriate. It’s bloody PERFECT.

    Then the third act comes and unravels it all.

    Everything just seems to go off the rails, slowly at first, then building speed until it crashes into a fiery mess. Characters begin acting stupidly. New characters are shoe-horned in, act completely idiotic, and finally reveal themselves to be a deus ex machina, a heavy-handed excuse to force the film to its climactic scene. It was a cheap and cowardly move by Bustillo and Maury, who could have gotten to that same climax without these new characters at all.

    And above all, they commit the cardinal sin: The give The Woman a back story. Why? Béatrice Dalle’s performance is AMAZING and gives us everything we need to know about the killer. If they left her story a mystery, The Woman would be an absolute horror icon. Instead, they create a story that takes away her aura of mystery for a trite explanation that lessens the whole character.

    If you like hardcore horror movies, Inside is definitely worth seeing. There’s plenty to love in there — but there’s also just enough to lament how great it COULD have been.

  • freddykruelgirl

    I thought this movie was amazing. I was incredibly uncomfortable throughout most of it. I had a roller derby bout later in the evening and while I was in the locker room I closed my eyes and instead of trying to find some sort of focus on the game I was instead assailed by images from the film which had apparently been painted on the interior of my eyelids. I had small quibbles with this film but they weren’t enough to really detract much from my rating. The claustrophic shooting style, the performances of the female leads, the gore in general all added up to a truly great horror experience, for me anyway.

    I have to throw in a mention of the effect that was the exact opposite of the “let’s slowly turn up the light and reveal Michael Meyers lurking in the darkness” from the original Halloween. That particular shot left me fidgeting in my seat. Awesome.

  • Gnaw

    definitely one of the best films which I have ever seen. Hit with roles, were also hit with the ambience, just with all. Once again, the French prove who is currently dominating the horror scene

  • MattHorror

    What the hell did my eyes just witness?
    I have been waiting to see this film for years now; currently unavailable to be brought within New Zealand & Australia I turned to Amazon to solve my problem. So of I went ordered it and awaiting its arrival in the mail, thinking it would take awhile seeing I live at the bottom of the world and all? Boy was I wrong here within a week, as I carefully opened the package that had been delivered to me a sense of joy ran over my face knowing that I finally go my hands on something I had talked / read about for years now. Not only that it was the UNRATED version so out of my grubby hands and in to my DVD player it went not knowing what to expect. The first 20 minutes or so it was really slow going but after that it was a full throttle ride hell bond, I could not believe what I was seeing the gore the beauty the pain and lastly the joy of it ending I couldn’t get over how much of a masterpiece this film was!. This has to be one of the greatest horror films ever made to date! But WTF was up with the random zombie?

  • TigerJ.K.

    There aren’t many words in the English language that would be adequate to explain the depth of love I have for this movie. Most movie lovers go through their life waiting for the gems that make their chase valid.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of those movies.

    Unquestionably striking visuals coupled with a realistic and emotional premise that delivers believable performances from the leads. Without really delving into the story (I won’t spoil this for anyone), suffice it to say that you get everything out of the story from the beginning pretty much, with a couple of plot twists along the way. Nothing too unpredictable, but that’s not what makes this movie work. Anything more complex would actually draw away from the overall experience.

    This movie works because of the gore. Gore, gore, gore, and more gore. Not tasteless gore. Gore that works because it looks like its happening and its grounded. The scenes are so gruesome and terrifying that I would completely understand if people look away while watching the scenes. The emotional draw pulls you in and the tension permeates the atmosphere of the movie.

    HIGHLY recommend you watch this movie. It should be experienced by all.

    Except for kids and old people I guess. And maybe people who puke easily. And maybe people who don’t like violence. But other than that, WATCH IT.

  • kevinosiris46

    OMFG. I have seen some pretty amazing french horror films like Frontiers and Martyrs but Inside was just…truly horrific and great to watch. It started off pretty well, two people in a car accident. But the in utero scene was creepy. As it progressed they introduced the character of Sarah, a bitchy pregnant woman who doesn’t want to spend Christmas with anyone, lmao.
    I like the fact that she’s a photographer. And with that she uses her skill when some stranger knocks on her window. This was really frightening cause it seems that the stranger is not there but is. Then with the light of her cigarette we see her evil menacing eyes. Truly spine-tingling. xD Sarah then takes pictures of the stranger which is revealed to be a woman.
    This film is one of my favorites but definitely in the top 3. I used to be afraid of Japanese horror but now with Inside, Martyrs, and Frontiers..the French really have the minds of real Horror film makers :] They have the types of movies I would see any day.
    As the movie concludes, I was shocked to realize that the woman was part of the car crash. The plot just grew and it never got boring. Nothing in this movie dissapointed me. There were those points in the film were I was disgusted ex. the part where the police officer got his head blown by the woman, the part where the police officer started beating Sarah thinking it was the woman, then suddenly Sarah having blood come out of her you know where, truly horrific scenes and thats why this movie is just….AMAZING.

  • Nothing333

    This movie is the survival genre done right. Although the stupidity of the characters involved can be excruciating at points, the horror, gore and uneasiness in this film are hard to deny. Truly deserves the moniker “Extreme”.

  • Count Bizarre

    I hate hype. It always make me except more than I should.

    Anyhow, this movie is a 3,5 star movie that could have been (and should have been) a 4,0 or even 4,5 star movie. The use of music is very close to a perfect horror soundtrack; no boring piano-themes, but horrific harsh noise that makes the anguish blow out of the screen.
    But then the movie decides to just fuck up with more blood than it should. Sure, it is sadistic as hell and more gorier in a good way that Saw or Hostel could never be, but is it really that scary? And overall, I just wasn’t really impressed with the killer; she seemed like a cool villain at start but nearer the end I just thought; “That woman turned into a psychopathic killer just because her baby died in a car-accident? …”
    The ending parts were the best, but they cant save the whole movie.

  • Rockstarport

    The second film in my reviews of the new French horror wave is called “Inside.” It was released on DVD in the U.S. in early 2008 and is only for the true hardcore horror fans. Many movies have used pregnancy as a basis for a horror movie, but “Inside” takes it in a different direction. This was the first feature film for directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury.

    The story opens inside the womb of Sarah, a news photographer, when a huge jolt sends her four month old fetus crashing into the wall of her stomach. We then see that there has been a car accident and her husband has died. It’s four months later and her baby has survived; she is ready to get a c-section the next day, when there is a knock at her door. It’s a woman who wants to use the phone, Sarah is skeptical and denies her. The woman knows her and starts talking to her by name. After being harassed Sarah calls the police, they check things out and say they will check back again later. The tension, suspense and mood are kept high throughout the films 83 minutes.

    What is unique about this movie is that even though Sarah is pregnant, the story and the horror is not about her fetus. It’s not evil or the spawn of Satan, it just a regular baby that just wants to be born. As Sarah is sleeping, the mystery woman has made her way inside (there’s that word again) the house. She grabs a scissors in an attempt to cut the baby out of her. She doesn’t get too far for when she pierces Sarah’s belly button, she awakes and is able to escape to the bathroom and lock the door. Just who is this woman anyway? Like the movie “Frontier(s)” it takes place near Paris where race and political riots are happening (a lot of angry people over there.)

    The rest of the movie is an extremely bloody test of survival. Other people will enter the house but will not be coming back out. The blood and gore effects are top notch and brutally realistic. The acting is also much better than you would expect from a film like this. All capped off with an ending so nasty you’ll literally puke in your popcorn. So why would you want to see a movie like this? Because you are a sick, sick, person. It’s also great entertainment! It’s not for 85% of people, but for a select few it will be a rare journey into severe depravity. Buy it today on DVD!

    Check out for more!

  • Doctor Loomis

    I normally wouldn’t watch a movie with this subject matter but it was totally worth it.

  • Captain Pissgums

    I finally got my hands on this movie.
    The Good: The first thing I noticed was the color palette and tasteful camera-work. I find that French films, regardless of genre, are beautiful to look at; and “Inside” is no exception.
    The gore quotient is extremely high and well-executed. There is a gnarly gun-shot to someone’s head that is worth the price of a rental. Most of the other gore is caused by big scissors or a knitting needle.
    The Bad: This is a slasher film and a pretentious one at that. The killer looks like she stepped out of the “Matrix” with her black garb, which is really silly when you find out who she really is.
    This is the standard: “I’m home alone, and I’ll be okay, don’t worry about me, I really don’t need your help.” “Uh-oh, some crazy shit’s happening, and goddamnit, I can’t get adequate help because I’m a moron.”
    So we are left with a really stupid, barely there, plot. This film is NOT scary, at all. The characters are so dubious and unconvincing, that you don’t get that all-important sense of menace that is necessary for a slasher film to work.
    This gets 5 skulls for the f/x and make-up work; as well as camera work. It gets 1.5 skulls for the story, acting, and directing.

  • InsideTheDescent

    Where to start.. Where to start.
    This is most likely the most intense film I have yet to witness, it makes Saw look like a little kids movie. An absolute brutal film. With that being said there was ONE part that bugged me, the police of course(I won’t spoil), but other than that it is a badass movie that every TRUE horror fan should witness. I say true because if you’re not a true fan, I don’t think you could handle it.

    Might I also add..
    Best. Ending. Ever.

  • Midnitekrawlr

    A pair of scissors goes a long way! A must see for any fan of gore, Hell Yeah!!!

  • Morthalius

    The cinematography is stunning and the tension never lets up, a must see.

  • Goretex

    One of the best horror films I have ever seen, great performances and incredible gore.

  • TreCool912

    I was very disappointed in the amount in blood, the plot and just plain confused when that kid that was on the leash came back as a zombie with scratched out eyes and a mouth, what was the point in that??? The graphics where stupid and the fact that she stabbed her throat and then taped it up also made no sense. it was possible the worst “horror/gore” film i have ever seen. Second to Frozen. just as pointless. they owe me a hour and ten minutes of my life back.

  • Aylmerboi

    A huge disappointment. Yes it’s violent and gory but it doesn’t make any sense. To quote ultrazilla200 who explained it so well:

    “A police officer would NEVER tie an arrested man to himself, and drag him into a dangerous situation. EVER! He would have stayed outside and radio’d for back up, period. Once they are inside the house and see all the carnage, AND locate Sara do they rush her out of the house to the car and radio for help? No. The idiot tells her to stay put while he and his man in custody go looking for the power box FIRST, to get the lights back on BEFORE radioing for help. WTF?!? Not to mention he has now given his arrested perpetrator a gun to help defend himself. Wow…
    All I can say is this complete lack of realism took me out of the story and all tension was lost.”

    Also, Sara was given a gun to protect herself and had it on the bed beside her. But instead of using it she waits for her attacker to get close then bites her lip. Ooooh, how scary.

    Want to watch a real contemporary horror movie with teeth? Martyrs by Pascal Laugier remains the film to beat. Other positive comments about Them and Frontier(s) gives me hope that they will offer a far more rewarding experience.

  • horrorfreak888

    amazing film very brutal

  • gayasyadad

    i enjoyed this as i am a big gore fan. although i have ti agree with others on here, a lot of it lacked common sense, as in why would the police officer keep the other guy handcuffed to him? and more to the point, instead of wasting time bandaging her hand and sorting the electric problem out, why wasn’t he getting her out of their asap and phoning for back up??! other than that, it is pretty amazing. the gore is realistic, and it’s one of those which makes you feel there is just no hope for the main character as each potential rescuer is violently killed off. i would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the french horror genre :)

  • LoneWolfx

    Such a dark twisted beautiful piece of work.


    where to begin? this movie was sick, gory, sadistic, and insane. it was unsettling at times especially the end. the beginning was scary as hell and had me on edge, but once i saw the women and it followed her around it was no longer scary. i was a little disappointed because of the reviews i read but it was still good but not as scary as made out. i also had a problem of my own in that i couldnt stop thinkin about how hot the crazy chick was. she did play her part well but she was too pretty. her motive was crazy and unnerving. i loved the gore and the end. also seeing what was happening to the baby throughout was great idea help set the unsettling tone. overall good horror flick. not very scary though.

  • Murder Thru Charm

    So violent, so twisted, so gory. It may be the most intense film I’ve ever watched. It’s a movie that will leave you breathless.

  • ESR

    I have seen it all. no really, I have seen just about every worthwhile horror film – and a huge amount that are not. So I know how it sounds when I say that this is one of the best of all time. Why? Iconic villain, brilliantly directed, vicious as hell and completely taboo breaking. I might sound crazy, but there are some beautiful moments in this film

    Very rare for a modern film to rate so highly with me.

  • Jcrimes

    This movie will leave you speechless, even as I write this I am shocked by what I remember. The female leads are great, the story is solid and the gore is high. If you want a scare, some guts and violence see this brillantly directed flick…get this NOW!

  • Marquez

    What can I say that 218 people haven’t said about this amazing film?

    If Frontiers is the French version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then Inside is the French version of Halloween.

    W-O-W, this film almost made me have an asthma attack, the characters were very believable, I like the way Sarah was a moody B!tch, because that gave her the cutting edge to fight back, Le Femme is dangerously beautiful. Its funny how alot of people complain about the cops, but if the cops never showed up then they would have complained about how they would want cops.

    Thank you France, for keeping the horror genre alive, while Hollywood can go to hell with there remakes.

  • Hobo With A Shotgun

    This is hands-down the most intense film that I have ever seen in my life.

    I was so nervous during parts of this movie that I ended up chain smoking a half a pack of cigs.

    I recommend this film to everyone but some people simply wont be able to handle this film

  • Uncle_Chunkle

    I have to admit, I knew about this film long before I ever watched it and maybe that caused me to have unrealistic expectations. I first heard about it when looking up review of “Martyrs”, another French horror film. Many were saying that although Martyrs was intense, it just wasn’t up to “Inside”‘s level of intensity, ferocity and gore.
    I’m not getting it. Maybe I’m jaded after oh….35+ years watching horror films, but I thought “Inside” was sort of…not tame, but standard fare, I guess, compared to stuff like “Martyrs” or even “High Tension”. I kept waiting for the ridiculous gore, and well…although there are some good scenes, and the ending is suitably dark and wet, there was nothing that made me cringe like the scene in Martyrs where the girl is pulling the staples out of the other girls’ skull, prying the metal mask off.
    Don’t get me wrong…I’m going to re-watch Inside tonight (since I’m French Canadian I get the added bonus of watching it in the original French version) and take it all in as what it appears to be- a slasher film with great acting (Béatrice Dalle is intense!!) and decent effects.
    I just don’t think this film is as intense on the stress or gore scale as films like “Martyrs”, or even classics (!) like “Cannibal Holocaust”, but maybe I’m missing something…still a good film though!!

  • ogdredvonweary

    Thank you France for keeping horror alive!
    Sure this movie is brutal, but not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. One of the great villains in recent horror and a completely unpredictable story.

    Ignore whatever hype or hate you’ve heard, and just immerse yourself in the experience.

    It’s movies like this that make me excited about horror and proud to be a fan. Awesome.

  • Renacimiento

    Stunning and raw film. Savage and cruel.
    The best thing about the film, is that all blood and killings are linked to a deep story, excellent photography and good performances. Suspense and terror in large doses. Recommended.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    What you expect to go into a horror film is to be terrified. Sometimes horrified. Sometimes amused. Sometimes disgusted. I don’t go for all of those reasons, but I certainly watch horror films for some of them. I like horror cinema, and I’ve already explained why in past reviews for horror films that I either loved or despised, so I feel no solid reason to repeat myself. After all, repetition is the lead killer in this world, and it’s also what puts me to sleep in half of the world’s horror flicks.

    Some horror movies, such as “Hostel” and ” Wolf Creek”, lash out with such anti-conformism and anti-repetition to the point where I’m disgusted. Those are both films that impacted me out of disturbance. Horror is not supposed to be a completely good feeling, like comedy. It’s supposed to be both fun and perhaps hard on one’s nerves. But now that we have this term, which is “torture porn”, can we still make movies as brutal and bloody as, say, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? And can they still be good? My answer is yes.

    Oh, yes, I’m supposed to be talking about a movie. The film I am reviewing is, as you can see, the French horror-thriller “Inside”. If you are a devote horror fan, then you may have either seen it or (most likely) heard about it. It is known for its violence, which probably lead to its obscurity amongst most U.S. audiences. But that’s not what matters. What matters is whether the horror film that a lot of horror fans claim is “one of the best of the past decade” is actually as good as they say. I would have to say: yes. Yes it is.

    This is a home-invasion horror film like no other. It begins with a car-crash, in which a woman loses her baby. The woman and the child are saved, although the lady’s husband is not as fortunate; he dies in the crash. There were no other survivors.

    The woman (played by Alysson Paradis) returns home after visiting the hospital, grief-stricken, and preparing for the delivery of the child which is to take place the next day. Shortly after arriving home, safe and sound, our leading lady hears another woman’s voice outside her home; asking to come in. Naturally she refuses, as it is late, and “late” is when the sick bastards are amuck. The woman leaves when she is rejected, and things go back to normal.

    That is until she turns up again, tries to break in, which provokes our heroine to call the police. They arrive, they cannot find anything, and then they leave. The creepy woman (Beatrice Dalle) comes back. She gets in the house. What she wants to do tonight, I would normally not tell you, but it’s said on just about every plot synopsis you will find. The crazy lady wants to cut open the character’s stomach and take her unborn child out for her own. Her motives are unknown until the climax, although what ensues before-hand is all bloody build-up.

    “Inside” is nostalgic. It reminds me of some fine (horror) movie memories; ones from “Halloween”, ones from “The Exorcist”. But mostly “Halloween”. That was a film that “played the audience like a piano”, as Hitchcock would like to say. We succumbed to that feeling of fear, which poured down on our poor heads like heavy rain. “Halloween” is a great horror film, and so is “Inside”. While this is a brutal, often sickly violent film; it’s also a powerful, well-made, and unforgettable one. It’s not just the images that don’t leave your head; it is also the experience. The fear here is real, and for once, we are not allowed a single breath. This film builds suspense the old fashion way; never escaping into torture porn territories, no matter how violent the ride gets. This is easily one of the scariest horror films I’ve seen in a long time. It was relentless, frightening, and I shall never shake the feeling that I got from watching it. It’s not a horror film meant for enjoyment, but rather for admiration and observation, and if you are capable of both things together, then you may be ready for “Inside”. It is surely a bloodbath to remember.

  • Fatal_ Attraction

    so when i saw this film honestly i expected shit… well my my my was i wrong. i loved it! it was great it was bloody suspensefull it was really amazing!!

  • ArtyomDnB

    This was one of the most craziest films I have ever seen. The ending is something so vile and twisted. I never thought I would see such awesome violent horror. This is a must for any horror movie fanatic and the twist it holds definitely threw me off guard, and if someone says they saw it coming, they suck at lieing. This keeps you on the edge of your couch, chair, table or whatever you are sitting on and always (me included) makes you cringe. At the very end I was jumping up and down, eating nachos and slamming my one free hand on the coffee table like a mad man screaming at her to keep going. This is a great film to watch with alot of friends and even the ones who absolutely hate horror films, because they will love it.

  • Jee-woon Kim

    One of the greatest horror films ever made. Scary, bloody, crazy stuff! Superb acting by the co-stars….Beatrice Dalle’s performance as the “as twisted as they come” villain is outstanding.

  • SirSerling

    This is seriously one of the most insane movies out there! A lot of horror movies end up being a crazy mess, “Inside” sets the bar extremely high for horror standards. Although, not intended to be the typical home invasion type, being home by yourself has never been more frighting. If subtitles don’t scare you away, then I strongly recommend this french masterpiece.

  • Bubbleman

    I must admit I really thought the movie was great. It had great suspense and great acting, but the only thing i didn’t like about the movie was the ending.

  • A Devil’s Reject

    Genuinely terrifying. I can count on one hand the movies that have actually scared me, and this is one of them; it had me petrified of my basement for weeks after watching this. Great acting, great story, great gore, great creepy moments, and the ending left me just staring at the screen, shocked at the bloody destruction on the screen. The only real knock anyone can have on this movie is the idiotic cops, but that’s not enough for me to downgrade it at all. Instant favorite horror movie.

  • The bleedingcritic

    If you love scary gory horror thrillers and you have not managed to see this film, buy this film yesterday! It is a rare two hander with Alysson Paradis and the amazing Beatrice Dalle, yes the actress from Betty Blue (1986).

    This film opens with a car crash, which causes the death of a husband. Then the story continues a few months later with the widow who wants some time on her own during Christmas….You know how it is when you need a bit of space âe~me timeâe(TM) and then you get interrupted. Sometimes it can be a welcome spontaneous surprise if itâe(TM)s company you enjoy. Well, thatâe(TM)s not going to happen in this story. Sorry.

    When watching I wondered if ‘INSIDE’ could be a stage play…but I think the daily cleaning up of 10 tons of stage blood after each show may be excessive work for backstage crew. This is a gory film, an incredibly well executed piece of creative work. The lighting and set design are also the stars of the film, the âe~making of ‘ feature on the DVD is well worth a look after you watch the main event. I have tried for months to get my wife to watch ‘INSIDE’ but when she made me explain in detail the plot beforehand, there was no way she would watch it. However, my film club lads loved it. The tension is racked up to beyond maximum and to evoke so much drama in just a house film set is clever and not easy.

    The presence of Beatrice Dalle in this film is strong and makes you wonder why she has not been cast in mainstream blockbusters, which is a good thing because if it is her own choice to work on original interesting projects, and not just for the paycheck, then it makes her even more unique. The feeling of isolation and the sense of being trapped without any external help reminded me a little of the original Michael Haneke film ‘Funny Games’.

    I have to mention all performances are powerful, believable and well acted. The plot is simple and hard hitting. There are a couple of moments which I found to be out of context, moments that come across like they are added on from another film, but to be honest because the majority of the story hits the right tone, itâe(TM)s not a big deal, I can live with it. As usual avoid reading the DVD box cover. I donâe(TM)t think the title is available on Blu-ray, but not to worry, quality is really good on standard DVD.

    The film makers Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo are worth keeping an eye on. They met with Clive Barker to discuss ideas regarding the ‘Hellraiser’ remake. They stepped down after a year because although they could do something different with ‘Hellraiser’ the isssue was making the film for a wider audience – and you can’t do both. Back on track with ‘INSIDE’ now; I am a responsible husband and father and I need to do the right thing and fire a warning shot: If you are pregnant, save this extreme film to watch well after your child is born.

    Itâe(TM)s bloody nasty and engrossing. If you want an evening double dose of extreme terror, if you can stomach it, I suggest you start with ‘Martyrs’ first. ‘INSIDE’ is an absolute bleeding masterpiece. A definite top 10 of all time for me on this one.

  • LuJr81

    Another great horror flick from france go figure. I love french horror movies they never disappoint, most of the time anyway. Inside is a great bloody gory time, I remember reading the synopsis thinking,”how can a story like this be so bloody?”And man did I find out, what a great surprise! I’m a hardcore gorehound and there were parts in this movie that made my skin crawl, and thats NEVER happened to me before! Trust me watch this movie and you will know what I’m talking about, I urge you to watch this film at least once. The directors of this movie really need to work on some new projects I would definitely be interested in whatever else the make. Keep them coming france you guys are really bringing the fucking pain!

  • Fanofhorror

    for the first time, With this did have some Hype when he first came out, I did see the trailer in the year, I wasn’t to keen on it.

    Most reviews are really good the movie, there few who give one (Which dose baffle me) however this was one HELL of Amazing movie.

    The first scene is very bloody, there already been crash, we only see the aftermath.

    The rest of the first half of the movie, start’s of little slow, the build up the tension slowly.

    There was one dream scenes really got to me, I know I be thinking of that tonight, then the movie goes bloody messy.

    There was some really good intense moments, I was thinking of even turning away from watching it.

    The second half of the movie was so bloody, as this movie keeps on going it’s getting even more bloodier and nasty until the end of the movie.

    The only downside to this movie is that some scenes are little too dark that you can not make things out.

    The acting form everyone in this movie was outstanding

    Overall this movie superb 9 out of 10