Theatrical Dates, Poster For ‘The Lost’

Today Anchor Bay supplied B-D with not only the theatrical poster art for Chris Sivertson’s awesome adaptation to the Jack Ketchum novel, The Lost (review), but we’ve also got a list of theaters playing the film! Read on to see if you’ll be able to catch a beautiful 35mm print before it hits DVD from Anchor Bay in March.

Based on the novel by Jack Ketchum, Ray, Tim, and Jennifer were just three teenage friends hanging out in the campgrounds, drinking. But Tim and Jennifer didn’t know what their friend Ray had in mind, but when they saw what he did to the two girls at the neighboring campsite–and knew he was dead serious.It’s now four years later and Ray has not been charged with the murders, there’s one cop determined to make him pay, but Ray figures he’s in the clear. Tim and Jennifer think the worst is behind them, that the horrors are all in the past. They’re wrong. The worst is still to come.

JACK KETCHUM’S THE LOST will be playing in New York and Los Angeles:

The New York showings are Monday, February 11th through Wednesday, February 13th at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan.

The LA showings will be from February 29th through March 6th at the Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theaters in Los Angeles. We are also in the process of setting up a Q&A with writer/director Chris Sivertson and star Marc Senter following one of the evening shows (time TBA) that Friday.