Romero Back On ‘Diamond Dead’

It has been nearly five years since George A. Romero’s zombie rock horror film Diamond Dead hit rock bottom. Romero had momentum with his project at Universal, Land of the Dead, and since then the film has become an afterthought. Today word hit the web that Romero is planning Diamond as his next project! Read on for the skinny.

Cinematical writes:

I got a phone call two days ago, before I came here, from the producer saying ‘We’re back!'” [Romero] says, noting that he was more surprised than anyone because he worked for years on the project and “it looked dead.” Since the financing has apparently just kicked in as this is going to press, no further details are available.

In the film Aria De Winter has been enlisted by Death himself to kill 365 people in one year. Hard task? Well, it helps when Aria is planning an historic concert for the Diamond Dead, the world’s most famous underground rock band. It also helps that she’s the ex-girlfriend of the lead singer of the band. It helps even more that the band members have been dead for over a year. In other words, “There’s this boyband, and one of their girlfriends wants to sing in the group. They of course say no, as its a boyband. So she kills them by turning up their amps too high. She then feels bad, and makes a deal with the devil to bring them back. Unfortunately their noses and stuff keep falling off.

Source: Cinematical