Magnet Releasing Acquires ‘Splinter’

ContentFilm International went bananas in Berlin this weekend buying and selling a handful of films. One of the films sold was Toby Wilkins’ Splinter, which was acquired by Magnet Releasing (Magnolia Pictures) for US release. We saw a promo at this past November’s AFM and was completely blown away by it… and Magnolia is becoming known for their high-quality acquisitions. Read on for more details and to read about ContentFilm’s latching onto a new horror-comedy.

ContentFilm Intl. has sold a number of territories for horror pic “Splinter” from helmer Toby Wilkins (“Grudge 3”).

Magnolia Pictures’ genre arm Magnet has picked up U.S. rights while Icon Film Distribution have taken rights for the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Pic, about two couples who attempt to stay out of the clutches of a virus-like monster who feeds on blood, was also acquired by DNC in Italy, Gulf Film in the Middle East, Gussi in Mexico, AQS in Czech and Slovak, Best Film in Poland, Caribbean Film Services in the West Indies, Cathay in Singapore, Cinematografica Blancica in Venezuela, Civic Impex in Russia and CIS, J-Bics in Thailand, Lusomundo in Portugal, Paris Filmes in Brazil, Rapi in Indonesia, Superfine Films in India, Pakistan, and Suraya in Malaysia and the Philippines.

“Splinter,” which is currently in post, was produced by Ted Kroeber and Kai Barry, who also co-wrote the script along with Ian Shorr.

ContentFilm Intl. has also acquired international rights to comedy-horror pic Release. Stephen Leslie helms, while Damian Jones (“The History Boys”) will produce.

Production will start in April on location in Manitoba, Canada. Cinetic is repping U.S. rights and have arranged financing for the project.

Long Synopsis for Release:

Travis Valley is a pretty normal, old-fashioned American town. With a proud history, a thriving local community and an extraordinarily low crime rate, it’s the perfect place to make a home. Enjoy the fresh clear waters of Silver Bay. Celebrate the town’s primary industry at the annual Loggers Festival. And, every fifth September, seek bloody revenge on whomever you choose…

Every five years, on September 1st, Travis Valley celebrates the Festival of Release, an ancient local tradition during which all laws are suspended for 24 hours, and chaos and anarchy rule. Some families barricade themselves in their houses and stay out of harm’s way as best they can. Others take the opportunity to settle any long standing feuds that may have stretched back for many Release Days past.

The Brayling family have always taken every precaution necessary to steer clear of the bloodletting and the vengefulness, and have always been happier to `love-thy-neighbour’ rather than to slaughter them. As with every Release, their initial plan is to barricade their home, sit tight and survive the full 24 hours of mayhem. But this year, Marshall gets caught up in his buddies’ scheme to rid the town of its unwanted tourists; his sister Lori becomes the victim her best friend’s jealousy; their father Chris attempts an audacious plan to equip the family with the home of their dreams; and their mother Adele’s shoe fetish may yet be the death of them. And, all the while, the remaining 2,496 inhabitants of Travis Valley focus on murderous rampages of their own…

Combining the fear and dread of 28 DAYS LATER with the anarchical comedy in the vein of FARGO and EVIL DEAD trilogy, RELEASE is an original and hilariously brutal satire, and a gloriously twisted evocation of the American dream…