UPDATE: SEVEN ‘Fear Itself’ Directors Named!

CONTRARY to other reports, John Carpenter is in fact locked in, but the exit of Mick Garris is fact true. More as it develops. Are you ready for this? Bloody-Disgusting has discovered seven of the directors chosen to take part in Mick Garris’ TV series, FEAR ITSELF, a new horror-anthology airing on NBC. Like “Masters of Horror,” “Fear” will feature 60-minute films by big-name horror writers and directors. It will be exec produced by Keith Addis, Andrew Deane and Mick Garris, with Adam Goldworm and Ben Browning producing. Inside you’ll find a list of the first seven directors, with more to come! What do you guys think?


Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond)

Brad Anderson (Session 9, Machinist)

Mary Harron (American Psycho)

Breck Eisner (upcoming Crazies remake)

Ronny Yu (Freddy vs Jason)

Ernest Dickerson (Demon Knight)

John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing)

  • Entity 303

    I thought the seven masters of horror were Stephen King, Wes Craven, etc.?