Romero Talks Diary, Diamond & Technology With B-D

Yesterday afternoon B-D reporter SpookyDan had the opportunity to chat with George A. Romero, director of Dimension Films’ Diary of the Dead, which arrives in theaters this Friday. Inside you can read about potential sequel possibilities, how Diary related to technology of today and if Diamond Dead will ever happen. Watch for our exclusive video interview in the coming day. Also, don’t forget to click here for our list of top 10 non-zombies in a zombie movie!

George A. Romero on Diary, Diamonds, and emerging technologies
By SpookyDan

I must say that I love my job! Two days in a row I have now talked (albeit briefly) to the king of the zombies… George A. Romero, who is in town promoting the latest entry of the zombie franchise, DIARY OF THE DEAD. During the time spent Romero had a lot to say about technology, which (principally) is the focus of DIARY. Like all the other DEAD films, there is a reflection to society, with DIARY’s main focus on technology. The fact that anyone can start a video blog and raise awareness to ANY cause, which is something that he called “dangerous”. I can’t say that I agree with all his views on technology, but he has a lot of things to say about it. “Back while we were shooting LAND OF THE DEAD, I had this idea about emerging media. I thought that’s a way to go back, do something inexpensive and simple and do another guerrilla movie, it could even relate back to the origins of the thing.” He continues, “Originally I wanted to shoot it on a very small scale, but I wanted it to be theatrical. This is not BLAIR WITCH! I wanted this to have some production value. Technically it was really hard film to shoot.

Like his other films, Romero paints a pretty grim picture of the future… so what can we expect next from this “Master of Horror”? Could it be a direct sequel to DIARY or maybe a monster rock opera with zombies? He had this to say, “NOW there may be a sequel to DIARY that has to be made very quickly, or rather the producers may want a sequel very quickly. If that’s the case then I will continue with the same characters, pick up in the same place where the movie ended and get them moving on. It’s a hell of a lot more than I would like to say about this `emerging Media’ beast.” In regards to DIAMOND DEAD…

DIAMOND DEAD has been the long rumored zombie film, that features a rock band with zombies, but will this one ever happen? “I would love to make that movie, at one point we had Ridley Scott behind it, and an Australian production company, but at the time nobody really got it,” he explains. “It’s like PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, which I loved. But they didn’t get it. It’s about a dead rock band. Just before I left to do the publicity for DIARY I got a call from this guy who said the script is in the mail. I have not read it yet, but maybe it will come back… I don’t know [as of right now].

Regardless of his next project and what direction it will take this weekend DIARY OF THE DEAD opens theatrically from Dimension Films and those of you who are anxious to see his next chapter in the Zombie franchise are in a for a very new direction.