The Beginning of it ALL in New ‘Diary’ Clip!!

With George Romoero’s Diary of the Dead (review) hitting theaters this Friday, you’re about to get blasted with content. If you head on over to BDTV you can take a look at the final clip released from the film entitled “This Can’t Be Happening,” which is one of my favorite scenes in the film as it’s the beginning of the zombie outbreak caught on film. At the link you’ll also find two other clips and the trailers. The film will follow a group of college students shooting a horror movie in the woods who stumble upon a real zombie uprising. When the onslaught begins, they seize the moment as any good film students would, capturing the undead in a “cinema verite” style that causes more than the usual production headaches. Also, don’t forget to click here for our list of top 10 non-zombies in a zombie movie!

Source: BDTV