Toy Fair: NECA Makes a Few Announcements

No disrespect to the figure websites, but come on! It’s Sunday, 2PM in New York and we still don’t know what NECA has unveiled at the Toy Fair. Thank God for MySpace as NECA revealed what is on display and also what they are working on for 2008/2009. Read on for the skinny and watch this spot for an image updates that hit the net.
When the figure websites get around to it, we’ll see Sam from Warner Bros. delayed Trick ‘r Treat,

NECA also explains, “For the Cult Classics fans there is good news and bad news. The bad news is when we release a “series” we are scaling back to 3 characters per series instead of 4. The good news is you will get Series 7 and Series 8 this year along with a few Cult Classics Presents figures/sets and the previously announced Hall of Fame Collection 3. So it’s really semantics because you will get just as many CC figures this year, possibly more. Series 7 is on display in almost final form and the tentative lineup for Series 8 will be announced with a look at one of the figures.” – Watch this spot for the figure soon!

Now this is rad, even though it’s not horror. NECA is working on a figure line based on CONAN.

The classic Alien will be on display and will be released in the 18″ scale and the 7″ scale this year. (The 18″ stands almost 22″ and the 7″ stands almost 9″ tall!!) Where can I pre-order!!

The missing Grindhouse figures will finally be released (probably in the Cult Classic line).

Last, but not least, they are working on El Superbeasto with Rob Zombie.

Watch this spot for more info and images son (hopefully).

Source: NECA