15 Reasons FOR Remaking ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’!

After all of the negativity on our forum, I was inspired to create a list this weekend… and hopefully it’ll knock some sense into a few of ya! Why wouldn’t I be excited about a new A Nightmare on Elm Street film? Would you rather you NEVER see Freddy Krueger again? I can think of 100 reasons why I want to see a new film, starting with the fact that I want to see a prequel to Freddy Krueger’s story, which is said to be part of the remake. If I had my way I’d want to see Freddy vs Jason vs Ash hit the big screen, but that won’t ever happen – so sit back, relax and read my 15 reasons FOR a Nightmare on Elm Street remake!


15. It will inevitably look beautiful

In all eight NIGHTMARE films there has always been the notion that the nightmare world looks “cooler” than the real world. With todays technology and new cameras and post studios there’s no way the film won’t look incredible. In addition, Platinum Dunes is known for the quality of their films… Freddy will have never looked so good.

14. They’ve had years to come up with new kills

After that atrocious video game kill in FREDDY’S DEAD you can’t help but wonder if they ran out of ideas. Not only do they get to be creative all over again, but now Freddy can be as vile as ever. And don’t forget that we live in a new generation where technology rules our lives; sure Freddy won’t be able to stick his head up from a TV set (they’re too thin now), but maybe there are some interesting ways of bringing the internet into the fold? In Freddy’s world anything goes. He could kill you with a Dorito if he wanted to.

13. Could Freddy be scary again?

It could – and probably will – have a more serious tone like NEW NIGHTMARE. The downfall of our ’80s horror icons was based in the idea that we became too familiar with our killers, so instead of keeping it grimm, the studios made them even more likeable adding heavy doeses of velveta cheese to the films. Now that the dust has settled, it’s pretty obvious that the only way to go is serious, which I’d love to see once again. Remember when Freddy was scary? Yeah, I do too and I want him back.

12. Trivia questions needed

I’m running out of trivia questions on my Freddy vs Jason board game ‘Killer Trivia’! There are only so many cards with questions featuring incorrect answers (way too many errors), I’m running out and need some new questions. The only way to get them without getting cards that say “what color was Alice’s left sock in…” is to produce a new film.

11. There’s an opportunity for cool effects

See #15. New technology, new FX, post production facilities and other tools will make the kills in a new NIGHTMARE film unforgettable and for the first time ever – believable.

10. Fashion trend needed

Who doesn’t want that dirty green and red sweater to be the new “in”? We need some new fashion ideas, and I think red and green striped sweaters are going to be the new in.

9. Would you rather see Nightmare 9, Freddy in Space?

Counting NEW NIGHTMARE and FREDDY VS JASON, the next film in line would be NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 9: FREDDY IN SPACE. Pinhead went, Leprechaun went and Jason Voorhees went to space, the next person in line was Freddy. Would you honestly rather see him in space than back in the comfort of Springwood? Can you imagine Freddy with his brand new hi-tech razor glove? Sheesh. At least McFarlane would have a new figure to make.

8. Don’t you want to see the prequel?

In all honesty this doesn’t even sound like a direct remake, it sounds as if we’ll finally get the prequel we’ve been dying for. So why are you complaining? Seriously? Now you get to see the before and after Freddy – sounds epic.

7. We need new costume ideas for Halloween

A new NIGHTMARE film will not only create more interest in a Freddy filled Halloween, but it will get more products made. I want to see new Freddy gloves, masks, bobble heads, toys, clocks, and lunch boxes… anything!

6. I need nightmares, my dreams are too happy

My dreams have been way too good lately. I miss being young, seeing Freddy on TV and then having insane nightmares. Maybe if the new NIGHTMARE film is good it’ll bring back the good ol days where I’d sleep in mommy and daddy’s room (with the lights on).

5. Success = MORE Nightmares

5: Want MORE Nightmare sequels, this is your chance. Do you really want this to be it? I always want more NIGHTMARE films and this is the chance. If this film does well we’ll have a whole new franchise to run into the ground over the next decade. I’ll take another ten trips to Springwood any day. If you don’t see the movies, you’ll end up f-cked (like this fellow).

4. New DVD releases

Remaking the film will force New Line to stick all the NIGHTMARE films on Blu-Ray and maybe even remaster all of them. Worst case scenario… by having another NIGHTMARE film on their slate it’ll force New Line Home Entertainment to get the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films on Blu-Ray. This could mean new extra features, a new box set and remastered versions of all eight films. I’d let them remake the film three times just to get my hands on these.

3. Cheesy puns wanted

I’m all out of cheesy puns and new Tales From the Crypt episodes are nowhere to be seen. The Cryptkeeper always wanted to axe me a few questions, and I was always ready to answer. But now that neither Freddy nor the Cryptkeeper are in action I don’t have any cheesy puns to laugh ass. I miss great lines like: “How sweet, dark meat”, “The only thing to fear is fear himself,” “Wanna play doctor? Then open wide and say AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!”

2. Awesome rather than disastrous?

There’s always the chance that a new take on Freddy is awesome rather than disastrous. I like to gamble, don’t you? If another film is made, sure it could suck, but what if it doesn’t? It’s well worth the risk of a disaster if there’s a slim chance that a new film will rule.

1. Would you rather Freddy retires?

Would you rather you never saw Freddy on the big screen again? We aren’t getting FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH, or FREDDY VS JASON 2 as of right now. Come on man, I can’t believe anyone is complaining here. You would honestly rather have NO new NIGHTMARE film than a remake? Did the fact that Rob Zombie remade HALLOWEEN affect the original? Because HALLOWEEN sucked did it somehow ruin John Carpenter’s original? No it didn’t. It’s ridiculous to me that people care so much about the film being remade. If it bothers you, don’t see it – and even if you do it’s not going to change your opinion of the original. Remake, sequel or prequel… Freddy Krueger is returning to theaters and I’m damn grateful.