Little Photoshop of Horrors Round 1 Results!

We just wrapped up the first installment of BD’s Little Photoshop Of Horrors and had a ton of great submissions. If you’re not familiar with how this works it’s pretty simple, we give you a theme and you guys create images to go along with that theme then post them in the forums. We’ll take the 10 best (or worst) and feature them on the front page. This rounds theme was Turning Non Horror Movies Into Horror Movies and the entries ranged from the hilarious, to the incredible, to the Uwe Boll. Read on to take a look

Turning Non-Horror Movies Horror

Here’s a taste of the submissions from this round, you can see all of them in our forums here! Round 2’s theme will be posted on Friday.

by beyond

by Joey Fast

by InternalRot

by hellodon

by beyond

by brain dead

by Cannibal Rapist

by Creepingflesh

by graham7x

by hellodon

with an honorable mention to horrorfan1988 for a great concept and lack of photoshop skills

and now for an extra bonus, and what some would consider the highlight of this round,
prepare to be boll’d…

by Dobe Dobe

by ThreeOnAMeathook

by Brainfreeeeeze

Source: BD's Little Photoshop Of Horrors