Mr Disgusting Picks His Top 10 of 2003

What a year for horror movies – probably one of the best since, man, I can’t even remember! After the release of Scream in 1996, things really fell apart, and until this year, horror has been a crashing stock. Great risks taken by studios and fans showing they want good old fashion horror has tweaked the studios back into the swing of things, and now tons of great films are on their way! Although I don’t think it’s going to be easy to top this amazing 2003, I still think 2004 will be a great year. So enough of this, read on for my top ten and then click here to post yours!
Personally, I think sites like Arrow in the Head, Creature Corner and us really shouldn’t be over looked when it comes to our top 10 list of 2003. Every single year we watch as great horror films never even get mentioned when it comes to the Oscars or the years best. I know, I know, so many horror films have no real substance, but what about films the Gore Verbinki’s The Ring? It would have been nice if the film was even mentioned anywhere else but horror related sites. The only time you hear talk about a horror film at years end is when directors like Tim Burton are involved, crap I tell you, crap!

So without further a due, here’s Mr Disgusting’s TOP 10 Horror Films of 2003… (Post your own top ten here).

10. Final Destination 2 (review)

Tricky directing and tons of blood made New Line Cinema’s film the first to kick off 2003 on a good note. The theater experience was a blast, and the audience made it even better. It’s just not the same anymore (frown)

9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (review)

More disturbing than entertaining, actually, it was only disturbing, which is why its on the top ten. TCM achieved its goal and recreated the emotion that the original gave back in the early 70’s. The film was relentless; it’s not for the weak…

8. Cabin Fever (review)

Filmed for a mere 1.5 million(!) buckaroos, KNB FX (Kill Bill) and director Eli Roth made a horror film the way it was meant to be. Simple plot, simple dialogue, and tons of fun made for a film that helped teach Hollywood a valuable lesson – People want good movies – not just good special effects (ahem.. Underworld).

7. Undead (review)

This Aussie film picked up by Lions Gate has so much blood and carnage, mixed with great characters; it became an instant cult classic. Dawn of the Dead meets Evil Dead 2, what more could you want? The only bad part of the film was the Jaws rip-off soundtrack, if they’d kill that freaking soundtrack, they could actually have a theatrical hit on their hands.

6. Wrong Turn (review)

FX god Stan Winston was in the same mind set as Rob Zombie going into Wrong Turn, make a fun cliché 70’s/80’s horror flick. The film was a blast in theaters and still fun as hell on DVD. A great cast, with the likes of Jeremy Sisto made the film even better. Winston evens breaks some rules of Hollywood cinema and gives you some extra unnecessary gore, which is something that gives the movie extra brownie points to us horror fans.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters (review)

Man Asian cinema is the freaking best. I like to call this film The Sixth Sense done RIGHT. Being that I think I am the only person in the world who HATED Shyamalan’s hunk of garbage, I was surprised that this quasi rip-off turned out so unbelievable. You like Sixth Sense? Then check out this puppy and see how good it could have been.

4. Freddy vs Jason (review)

A fan boy’s wet dream. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, in one movie – blood, carnage, no loose plot points, and some serious throwbacks to the original, made Ronny Yu’s vision a huge success. If you hated this, what were you expecting? Pinhead to pop up and explain that its all a dream and that they’ve been in hell all this time? Psychos…

3. House of 1000 Corpses (review)

Such a waste of film on first viewing, but such an amazing entertaining film on second viewing. Rob Zombies film was so hyped up, it pretty much sucked the first time, but once you knew what was coming, the film was so awesome. Fantastic acting, fun characters, colorful directing, a kick ass soundtrack – and even with the missing blood – this film was GREAT! Truly an instant cult classic, I’ve seen it 12 times already and it hasn’t even been out a year yet.

2. May (review)

Jeremy Sisto and Angela Bettis put on an Oscar worthy performance, but what do I know, I only cover horror films. May Canady is such an interesting character, and Lucky McKee’s amazing story telling made May one of my favorite flicks of the year. Truly one of the most ‘complete’ films of the year, the film was perfection. If you haven’t seen this yet, don’t rent it, go buy it!

1. ..and the number 1 film of 2003 is Kill Bill!

Funny enough, Kill Bill is the only film we don’t have a review for yet, who knew the film was going to be so Bloody and Disgusting? Quentin Tarantino made a huge comeback with this bloodfest by mixing Japanese action/horror with his ‘pulp comic’ style story telling. Amazing visuals, fantastic soundtrack and phenomenal acting made this the best film of the year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I need to know, what’s wrong with ya?

Worst Films of the Year:

I couldn’t end without taking some time to bash the crap that wasted hours of my life this year, so here it is, the top three movies that can kiss my disgusting arse!

3. Jeepers Creepers 2 (review)

I’m sorry, I know a lot of you like this film, but I want you to know I have nothing against the franchise whatsoever, I actually love the first film, but this sequel was crap! I know what you’re thinking, I hate Victor Salva, freaking pervert that he is… nope, the movie just sucked. Terrible acting, lousy scares, stupid ending and naked boys – nope, I barely made it through this movie alive; the only cool part was the bus decapitation.

2. Scary Movie 3 (review)

I was extremely disappointed with this film. To be fair, I think if this had been a direct to video film, I would have enjoyed it, but it wasn’t. The film failed to meet expectations, and dragged me through an hour and a half of cliché jokes. I wanted something fresh and new, not the same old comedy that Zuckers been throwing in my face for years. Time to hire some new writers guys. I still can’t believe there were three guys high fiving each other in front of me and laughing so hard they must have been crying, I bet they’d laugh at a good ol fashion fart joke! Biggest let down = one of my top three worst.

1. Cold Creek Manor (review)

Mis-marketed as a horror film, both Lyle and I were tricked into this pile of stinky dookie. Lyle sums up the disaster of a flick in his review. I don’t even want to think about this movie anymore.

Dont forget to post your own top ten films here and share your opinion with your fellow horror fans.