Slaughter Your Very Own ‘Crazy 88′

Following last weeks teaser image of “The Bride” action figure, NECA presents the next official look at their Kill Bill Action Figures! Inside are two images featuring “The Crazy 88“, sculpted by Ray Santoleri. The figure’s stand almost 7″ tall and come in 3 different variations. Each Crazy 88 features a unique head sculpt and comes equipped with a variety of accessories including a sword, axe, and bo staff that separates to reveal a sword hidden inside. In addition the Crazy 88 have detachable severed limbs and an alternate right arm and hand for creating different poses. The Crazy 88 come complete with a section of the floor from the House of Blue Leaves. Collecting multiple versions of the 88 allows you to form your own diorama of the House of Blue Leaves showdown with The Bride in the center. Read on for the images!
For images of The Bride figure, click here. Kill Bill Series I is scheduled to include Go Go, O-Ren Ishii, The Bride, and the Crazy 88 fighters. Watch for more images in the coming weeks thanks to NECA!

Source: NECA