18″ Jason Voorhees Figure Review

I finally got my hands on NECA’s incredible 18″ Jason Voorhees action figure, with motion activated sound. The figure fits beautifully next to my 18″ Freddy Krueger and Ash figure made by McFarlane (I can dream can’t I?). Read on for my thoughts on this beauty along with some images. If you’re interested in this bad boy, I’d move fast, because I was having some serious trouble finding it in stores!
As you could expect, Jason comes with articulation in his neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists, and waist. The joints are nice and tight – unlike the Freddy Krueger figure – so posing him is really easy. Jason comes with a removable mask thats easy to get on and off, unlike smaller figures, this features a full strap so there no snap-on nuisance! He also comes equipped with his machete, an axe, a harpoon spear and he has a real chain secure around his beautifully crafted neck.

Best of all, flip the switch on and listen to the sweet sweet sounds of Friday the 13th, “Kill kill kill kill, ma ma ma ma.” Want to hear the motion activated sound effect? Then click here.

When NECA surveyed early on about which film they should model the figure after, I believe it was an anonymous vote that Friday the 13 Part VII: The New Blood would be the model. NECA made sure we get our moneys worth with this bad boy; his entire chest is layered and detailed. His shirt is tattered and inside you can see his rib cage and then the muscles underneath. The shirt is actually a rubber piece on top of the rib cage, which makes the look extremely more effective.

I remember when I watched “New Blood” that towards the end you could actually see Jason’s knee cap when he was walking, and I was sure NECA would miss this detail, but eat my words I shall, EVERY detail is included. Take a look at the image of his back, just look at that! You can see his spinal cord and all.

Another fantastic thing is the facial details, and Im not just talking about the mask, which includes its trademark crack in the upper right corner. They got the empty eye socket and disgusting teeth effectively done, which is really hard to do is mass production.

The only negative thing about this figure is that Jason really should have had some blood splattered on him like his machete. The machete looks so realistic compared to the axe and spear, but who gives a crap about those when you’ve got Jason’s welding a bomb ass machete.

One thing I forgot to mention, Jason stands without a problem, no bending the figure “just right” to get him to stand (like that freaking Crow figure McFarlane made). Hopefully NECA’s Crow figure will be adjustable and easily displayed like Mr. Voorhees here!

Overall, this is my favorite 18″ figure next to Leatherface and Ash and I wouldn’t want to be without him! I give this puppy a perfect 10 out of 10.

Make it easy and click here to buy him for only $34.99 at Amazon.

Otherwise you can try and pick him up at the following retailers:
Spencer’s (sold out at most locations)
Musicland Stores – Suncoast, Sam Goody, (sold out at most locations)
100s of Comic Book and Specialty Shops

It’ll probably be easier to pick him up online:
Entertainment Earth
Amok Time
Explosion Toys

Source: NECA, Buy him at Amazon.com