First Ever ‘Salem’s Lot’ TV Movie Review

If you head on over to Fangoria, you can read the first review of the Salem’s Lot TV movie, “SALEM’S LOT returns to television this summer on TNT, over 20 years after Tobe Hooper’s spooky 1979 miniseries. Stephen King fans might feel some initial concern over this updated version, but rest assured that director Mikael Salomon (who previously helmed the Dean Koontz SOLE SURVIVOR miniseries) and teleplay writer Peter (THE CRAFT) Filardi have stayed true to the spirit of the novel while adding a few fresh twists. They take the vampires out of the realm of Gothic literature (or even Hooper’s snaggletoothed Nosferatu) and into the everyday.” Follow the link for the review.

Source: Fangoria, deadmanwalkin