Campbell Says NEVER to ‘Scream 4’

Clint over dropped me an interesting email, over at the oh so trustworthy IMDB, they posted some Scream 4 news, “Plans for another Scream movie have been dashed – actress Neve Campbell refuses to return to the franchise. The Canadian star played Sidney Prescott in Scream and its two sequels, and she thinks they’ve reached the end of their potential. She says, “It took them so much convincing to get me to do Scream 2 and Scream 3! There’s no point in doing a Scream 4. It did great things for my career, but it also hindered my career in certain ways. There’s just nowhere to go with the character. I mean, they’ve tried to kill Sidney. She should be in an insane asylum by now!” Do you guys think this would really stop Dimension from going ahead with the film? They are the guys who tried to eliminate Pinhead form the Hellraiser series at one point!

Source: IMDB, Moviehole