Major, Major ‘X-Files 2’ Spoiler…

Ok guys, this is a whopper of a news post and I need to warn you that you probably shouldn’t read on unless you want to have 20th Century Fox’s X-Files 2 ruined for you. A month or so back a picture hit the web over at JoBlo, which featured a man on set wearing a werewolf mask. Then reports hit that this was all a set up for reporters in order to throw them off, putting an egg in JoBlo’s face. We here at B-D know all too well that the studios will do anything to hide the truth, even if it comes at our expense. Now a new photo has appeared online, which is either a bigger joke from the crew of X-Files, or the truth blasting on the web at full force. Read on to find out.
The photo — which seems to be an FX house concept test (labeled ‘Mulder Stage 1 Werewolf Concept’) — would appear to show Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) in some sort of early werewolf transformation. Cinemaspy cannot vouch for the authenticity of this photo, nor for the credibility of the source (our email response requesting more contextual info was met with silence); for all we know, someone is duping us with a clever fake…but if it IS the real deal, it would seem to lend further credence to the werewolf rumors, or at the very least that the concept was under some sort of consideration at one point or another.

If this is real, high-five to JoBlo for scoring that amazing set photo. Photo below comes courtesy of Cinemaspy

Source: Cinemaspy