Two Clips, Bloody Photos on ‘Doomsday’ Website

On Friday we pointed you over to the official website for Universal Pictures’ upcoming Doomsday where loads of new content hit the site, including an exclusive online 3-D game! This morning we received word that the site was once again updated, this time with two age-restricted clips and dozens of disgusting photos! Word has it that the website will be updated consistently, so keep your eyes posted there for more content coming this week. Neil Marshall’s latest is set three decades after a lethal virus tore through a major country, leading to the country’s walling off. When the virus, known as the Reaper, resurfaces in another country, an elite group is dispatched to the infected country to find a cure. There, they end up shut off from the rest of the world and must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.

Source: Official website