‘Rip-Cage’ is Gothic – Religous – Provocative!

Uncubed has posted a press release ragarding a new horror film that is now officially on the way, which is entitled Rip-Cage, “Savage Dog Films has begun production on a feature length gothic horror film in association with an independent film production company focusing on horror films, Zombie House Productions.” Michael Lee of Savage Dog Films says, “It’s a deeply psychological and mind-boggling story..” They continue, “The film is called Rip Cage and pays great tribute to religion and its theories. Still while staying true to the marvel and hope of religion there is something darker going on underneath, not everything is as it seems. “Rip Cage is highly provocative and we hope to turn a few stomachs with it. Not by using very graphic images, but with the story itself..” Follow the link for the full press-release!

Source: Uncubed, Savage Dog Films