UPDATE: ‘The De2cent’ Plot, Writer and No Lionsgate?

Update: We’ve learned that the screenplay for the sequel was written by James Watkins. We’ve discovered some interesting news over the past few days starting with the fact that Neil Marshall is NOT the writer of Pathe’s The De2cent, although that is what the IMDB lists. In addition, we have also found out a little about the plot! In the sequel to Lionsgate’s terrifying film, Shauna Macdonald’s character of Sarah returns as a rescue crew finds her and takes her back into the cave to find survivors – where terror ensues once again. We’ve also been tipped that in the sequel you’ll get to see “little” cave monsters in action. And lastly, there is a chance that Lionsgate may not distribute the sequel here in the States as Pathe is currently shopping the project around town. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.