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Quick Look at Marvel Zombies 4 #2



I finally had a chance to today to sit and read Marvel Zombies 4 #2 that came out a week or two ago. I’ve been really liking the series, how did this issue fair? Read on after the break to find out…
mz42 Well if you’ve read issue 2 of MZ4, then nothing too much changed in this issue. The midnight sons finally meet up on the island to fight the hood and his lackeys and even decapitated deadpool is around for comic relief. It seems like all issue 2 is really doing is bringing things to a boil for this mini-series. Also which felt semi refreshing to this series was all the magic involved in it. Most of the characters have magical powers or are a part of the occult.

With the diversion of magic powers instead of super heroes, Marvel Zombies 4 keeps trucking along. I don’t want to give anything away, but there is a cliffhanger in this issue that is making me chomp at the bit for the upcoming issue. Check it out if you can, what did you think of the issue?


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