Wouldn’t You Rather Give Me a Few Million?

My plea to whomever is stupid enough to give Uwe Boll $47 million dollars to make movies – give me a mere million – and I’ll make a better movie than he could make with $100 million. After the disaster that was House of the Dead (review), Variety is reporting that Uwe Boll has raised $47 million through German film fund Boll KG 4 for use in some of his upcoming video game to film adaptations, which are sure to include fantastic pixilated game footage! The financing will be put toward the production of the video game adaptations Bloodrayne, from Majesco, and Gas Powered Games’ Dungeon Siege, among other productions. Uwe Bolls projected next disaster is the adaptation of the game Alone in the Dark, which hits theaters October 10th. The film stars Christian Slater and Tara Reid.

Source: Variety