First Photos, Report From the Set of ‘Blood Shot’!

Last night Bloody-Disgusting’s SpookyDan visited the set of Blood Shot, which is currently lensing in Los Angeles. Until we unroll our video report, you can dig on a short piece, along with three still taken on set. Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Michael Bailey Smith, Brennan Elliott, Assaf Cohen, Matin Klebba, Azita Ghanizada, Charles Napier, Paula Trickey and Kristi Klainos all star in this vampire action film, which was originally pitched as a short film.

Blood Shot Shoots it’s Load
By SpookyDan

A few years back a group of college guys set out to make an exciting short film with horror, fantasy, action and comedic elements. Helmed by Dietrich Johnston, BLOOD SHOT, the short stars Michael Baily Smith sporting a set of vampire fangs, in which he teams up with a renegade cop and take on the terrorists. The short went on to play a dozen plus festivals as Johnston quietly put together a package to turn this into a full fledged feature film…

Flash forward to February 2008 we are smack dab in what looks like a huge crew working on a modestly budgeted horror comedy of the same name. The premise is the same but the stakes (no vampiric pun intended) are higher, the cast is bigger and the budget, while still modest, is real. Brad Dourif, Michael Baily Smith and Lance Henrickson round out the cast of genre vets in this well intentioned buddy cop comedy with horror overtones. In truth calling this a buddy cop comedy is really an understatement, what we saw last night when Bloody-Disgusting was invited to check out the set was full of fantasy, action and more.

While wondering through the labyrinth of corridors in a downtown warehouse, we would walk through a full on harem set, a nasty group of terrorists, and most impressively a 7 foot tall blue genie. With demon like features and a nasty under bite, the makeup alone on this beast is imposing and impressive on every level. The best part of the set visit was watching Brad Dourif on set taking charge and working his magic. Johnston and Dourif blocked out an action scene with a bunch of scary looking terrorist dudes, a bomb (on loan from the prop department behind ARMAGEDDON) and that midget dude from the Pirates films.

This is not your typical Bloody Disgusting fare, as it seemed to me more in line with Uve Boll’s POSTAL or maybe JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER, but certainly a comedy. We rounded out the set visit by watching a stuntman get set on fire and fall off a rooftop to his death. All in all this was a pretty cool visit. I cant tell if this film is going to be a good film or not with the craziness that’s involved, but make no mistake about it, these guys are having a blast making the film with a bit of patience and buckets of blood, BLOOD SHOT has become a feature length reality. Check out BDTV in a few days for some behind-the-scenes madness that we caught on tape!