‘Diaries of the Living Dead’ Double-Feature From SRS

SRS Cinema is planning a double feature DVD debut on April 22. Entitled DIARIES OF THE LIVING DEAD, first, a construction project in Spain is revisited two decades after a mysterious tragedy resulted in the project being shut down. When work starts anew, the corpses of the workers killed on the site come back to life, in DEADHUNTER: SEVILLIAN ZOMBIES (2003). Beatriz Mateo, Jose Pedro Gil star in this Spanish shockfest. Next, the Keystone State falls victim to another invasion of the flesh-feasting undead, as the middle of DEAD SUMMER (2006) finds a Pennsylvania small town overrun by zombies. The terror mounts as one individual in the midst of a small band of survivors becomes a “person of interest” to the military. SRP: $24.99