Dario Argento Classics Return From Anchor Bay

Anchor Bay has announced re-isssues of two classic Dario Argento release, TENEBRE and PHENOMENA, which will both be presented in new 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfers (1.85:1 and 1.66:1 respectively) with Dolby 5.1 Surround soundtracks. All the previous special features will be replicated, with the addition of a new featurette on each release, according to Darkdreams.org. Read on for the full specs for this summer’s new releases.
* audio commentary by argento, composer claudio simonetti and journalist loris curci
* new voices of the unsane retrospective featurette
* the roving camera eye of dario argento featurette
* creating sounds of terror featurette
* alternate end credit music
* argento bio
* trailer

* audio commentary by argento, sfx creator sergio stivaletti, simonetti and curci
* new a dark fairy tale retrospective featurette
* luigi cozzi & the art of macrophotography featurette
* argento on thr joe franklin show
* simonetti jennifer music video
* bill wyman valley music video
* argento bio
* trailer

Source: Dark Dreams