TwitchFilm and Bloody-Disgusting Team-Up!

We have some very exciting news for you this morning – Bloody-Disgusting and the incredible TwitchFilm has decided to team-up to bring you even more horror goodness. Founder Todd Brown and I chatted a bit about the collaboration, which can be found inside. Twitch is best known for their insane coverage of international/foreign horror films and we’re excited to bring more content to you gorehounds. Read on for the skinny.

With full details forthcoming, soon you’ll see both TWITCHFILM and BLOODY-DISGUSTING interconnecting in various ways hoping to bring you more horror content then ever before.

Launched in September of 2004 Twitch ( quickly established itself as the online world’s leading source for international, independent, cult, arthouse and genre film news, review and discussion. “I’ve always been surprised by the site’s success,” says founder and editor Todd Brown, “I’ve always written Twitch primarily for my own interests and figured my tastes were cult enough that the ceiling on it would be pretty low. I was wrong. There was nothing even remotely like Twitch when I began so we hit our niche early and there’s still nobody out there who does what we do on nearly this scale, though there are a couple who try.” Twitch has always been characterized by its outright refusal to distinguish between high art and low splatter – “I’m as comfortable with THE EVIL DEAD as I am with DOGVILLE and don’t believe either one is inherently superior to the other.” – and has deliberately built an international team of writers based as far off as Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Brazil and many other nations to bring news of what’s coming next all around the globe.

“Over the years I have become increasingly impressed by what Todd Brown has done with Twitch Film,” says Miska, “he has cornered the market for all edgy international releases and has given life to foreign films that might never have seen the light here in the States. But having a site like Twitch without the knowledge means absolutely nothing – Brown has such a passion for foreign filmmaking that he knows what directors/actors to watch, what countries to keep his eyes on and eventually will go out of his way to make sure he’s the first to see it just so he can spread the good word to the web community. He is an incredible asset to horror fans and foreign film fans alike. Teaming with Twitch is a dream come true and now being part of the growth of such a fantastic website is a remarkable feeling. To say I’m excited is an understatement.” ( was launched in January of 2001 and immediately took hold of the horror community by the throat – and has yet to let go. Since then Bloody as become the largest horror community in the world with over one million different monthly readers. “It started as being just a news and review site and become much, much more than that,” says co-founder and editor-in-chief Brad Miska, “We launched the site to bring all of the horror news to one spot and save people the hassle of clicking onto dozens of websites, since then we’ve built a fan base of loyal readers who not only come for the news, but come to be part of the horror experience.”

“I’ve been reading Bloody Disgusting for years now,” says Brown, “and have always felt like Brad and I have pretty similar and complementary tastes. We like a lot of the same stuff for a lot of the same reasons. As we began talking more it became pretty clear that he felt the same way about myself and Twitch and that there were obvious ways that we could help each other out. My international network is very strong and Brad’s connections closer to home are second to none. So it just seemed like sharing information a bit more would be an obvious way to make both sites stronger.”

Something that Bloody takes much pride in is getting behind what they feel are quality films and having Twitch on their side only helps. “There are so many movies out there that the typical horror fan could get lost in all of the content,” Miska continues, “what we take pride in is ‘discovering’ great films and then giving them the exposure and press it deserves. We have been credited for the success of such films as HATCHET and AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION. In a day and age where the DVD walls are covered in direct-to-video releases, there is no better feeling than helping horror fans find quality films to take home and enjoy. With Twitch on our side, we hope to find more great films together and bring them to horror fans all over the world.”

Source: TwitchFilm, B-D