‘Salem’s Lot’ Images and Stories Bleed Online

Inside you’ll find three new images from TNT’s remake of the classic Vampire flick, Salem’s Lot, which stars Rob Lowe. The film will be four hours long and divided up in two episodes, just like the original. Also inside is an interesting article from USA Today. What are you waiting for? Read on!
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Dark Horizons reports that, “USA Today recently ran an interview with Rob Lowe in which was brought up his leading role in the upcoming mini-series adaptation of arguably Stephen King’s best novel (well its my all-time fave anyway) – his 1975 vampire thriller “Salem’s Lot”, the second book the author penned.

Shot late last year in Australia, the project stars the likes of Rob Lowe, Donald Sutherland, Rutger Hauer, James Cromwell, Samantha Mathis, Andre Braugher and Rebecca Gibney. In it Lowe plays Ben Mears, a successful writer who returns to his small hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot to cast out some psychological demons that have been plaguing him since childhood – one of which involving memories of what went on inside the foreboding Marsten House which has just been purchased by the dark but polite antiques dealer Mr. Straker and his mysteriously absent but ‘there in presence’ business partner Mr. Barlow. Soon Mears uncovers something far more sinister going on than anything he anticipated and teams up with several individuals to stop the growing menace overtaking the town.

Lowe, who ten years ago starred in the mini-series adaptation of King’s most epic novel “The Stand”, says the original 1979 Tobe Hooper adaptation of ‘Salem’ has a special place for him – the first film he ever committed to video tape. He is however slightly disappointed in one aspect, missing out on another King gig – “It’s the holy trinity: The Shining, The Stand & Salem’s Lot. Two out of three isn’t bad”. The actor also confirmed he’s finished with NBC’s “The Lyon’s Den” show as well.”

Source: Lijas-Library, Dark Horizons