‘Pathology’ Focuses On Scares, New Banner Art!

This morning director Marc Schoelermann phoned us from Germany to chat a little bit about Pathology, the medical horror thriller starring Milo Ventimiglia and Alyssa Milano, set to open in a limited release on April 18th. Read on to see what he had to say and to check out some new banner art!

Schoelermann tells SpookyDan that the film tested really well, “We finished the film back in October and had some test screenings of it that went really really well. We had people cheering in the audience, which is something that I have never seen at a test screening!

Last year during Comic-Con the cast was sent out to promote the film, where Schoelermann happened to have an unfinished DVD of the film. Not one to waste time, he screened it for some cast members right there in the limo! Schoelermann tells us that without exception they all really liked the film. While the people behind the scenes are really happy with it – including the cast – it seems odd that MGM is only opening the film in limited theaters.

Since the film wrapped, Schoelermann has been busy back home in Germany working on some commercials (he just finished one for BMW). While waiting for PATHOLOGY to come out he has been doing a lot of script reading where he had some interesting things to say about the state of horror. “If you look at horror now a days it seems that we are getting to a point where not much is very original or different. Lately, even the more gory films (and scripts) tend to bore me because they forget about the characters. With PATHOLOGY it’s less visual than many horror films; we focused on the scares and the emotional impact of the characters.” He continues, “Many people are going to like this film because it’s different and edgy. It’s not your typical slasher fare.

MGM has shuffled the release date around a few times, but we can now look forward to it hitting the theaters next month. We can expect the limited theatrical to roll out and with decent box office numbers they will expand into more theaters. Obviously, April is close to the summer big budget fare and it’s easy for any horror film to get lost in the shuffle. We horror fans have a strikingly limited amount of choices coming our way in the next few months, lets hope that between PATHOLOGY, THE RUINS and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, we have another year with a good quality horror!