‘Wrestlemaniac’ Director Talks Sequel and ‘Oz Land’

With Anchor Bay’s Wrestlemaniac (clips) now on DVD, horror website Bloody Good Horror chatted with the director of the film, Jesse Baget. In past interviews he has remained coy about sequel talk, but the site got him to talk about specific ideas that he has, and they’re pretty wild (think midgets and motorcycles). Also, he gives detailed description of his next project “Oz Land”, which he describes as “another exploitation type film”. Read on for the skinny.
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On sequel ideas: “Ya I definitely have some ideas for a sequel and I have a couple other projects that I’m getting underway, but I would definitely like to come back to it, just because I think with a slightly bigger budget… there’s just so much more we could do with the Mexican Wrestling concept. You know, put him on some motorcycles, have some midget fights. there’s a lot to do with it. And I’d want to make it a little more of an action horror, just a real bloody action kind of film rather than so much of a slasher film that it was this time. ”

More sequel ideas: “I definitely would like to do a sequel one of these days, but as of right now we’re gonna see how it does here and go from there. I wouldn’t really want to do it with the same budget (laughs), but if we could get a bigger budget and really do some cool stuff and have some really kick ass fight sequences and better special fx and all of that then I think there’s a lot of stuff we could do with it.”

“I was thinking of… cause I really love Jeremy Radin who played the Steve character, I thought it would be fun to have him wake up and he wasn’t dead, without a face, and he puts on a mask that he’ll never take off, and have him seek revenge and somehow put that into the picture. A big wrestling contest or something that’s taking place. I’d want to give it more of a sort of Tarantino, over the top Grindhouse kind of feel.”

On “Oz Land”, his next film: “Oz Land is in pre-production with Patriot pictures who did “Lord of War” and “True Romance”, that one is kind of another exploitation type film about these three girls who get kidnapped and taken to this motel in the middle of the desert called the “Rabbit Hole Motel”… and it’s sort of an odd “Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz” type of thing with all these strange characters at this motel, who of course torture and bla bla bla to these three girls. But instead of just running away, these girls take up arms, they escape the motel and go back and seek revenge. it’s more of an all out crazy bloody revenge movie ala “Battle Royale” or that kind of over the top action…. or like the new “Rambo” as well. And it will carry over a lot of that kind of Russ Myers sort of themes, and that kind of blatant camera work (laughs), that I have some in Wrestlemaniac.”

Source: Bloody Good Horror