New ‘Repo!’ Movie Art, Website Coming Soon

Straight off of SAW IV director Darren Lynn Bousman headed to Toronto to film his dream project, Repo! The Genetic Opera (early reviews). We have followed every step as there’s nothing sweeter than seeing a director get to make his passion project – now the film is arriving at its final destination and we finally get to star seeing the goodies! Today Bousman updated his blog with new art and a tease than a new website is coming very soon. Read on for the skinny.
From Darren’s MySpace:

“I am so excited to see people really getting behind this movie!

As all of you know – it hasn’t been an easy battle getting REPO made… Nor was it easy recording the sound track – or shooting the movie!!!

So why would now be any easier in post!

I just left Los Angeles last night – and headed back to Toronto to finish the film… We begin the final color correct this week – add in all the visual effects – and more importantly start the FINAL sound mix.

So, to fill everyone in – while in Los Angeles, we had various screenings for producers, cast members – test screenings, etc…

About seven critics, snuck in or talked their way into the screenings. Some of these critics were avid SAW haters, which terrified me. I have no doubt this is a movie that will divide people.

The reviews that came back were ultra positive!!! I have linked a couple.

As I have stated numerous times – I have been in love with this movie since the moment I read the stage play some six years ago. But to be able to start showing the movie and hearing other POSITIVE reviews makes all of this mean something!

I have a lot of exciting news that will be breaking in the upcoming weeks… INCLUDING the new – and improved REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA website! AND – I think it’s finally time you all start hearing the music – so be on the lookout for REPO songs!

To quote Rotti Largo:

Source: MySpace