Lionsgate Announces ‘The Evil Woods’ For June 3

This afternoon Lionsgate Home Entertainment announced THE EVIL WOODS for DVD release on June 3. In Aaron Harvey’s film five high school teens take an impromptu weekend camping trip to a notorious desolate party spot. Following their ignorant group leader, John, they anticipate a fun weekend composed of getting stoned and drinking beer. Upon arrival, they quickly realize the location is far removed from any other human life. As night falls, an older gentleman, The Ranger, appears out of nowhere and joins the group at their campfire to tell the story of the “Beer Hunter.” It is a legend about a man that has killed those who littered their beer cans in the woods and who set fire to his remote wood cabin. The “Beer Hunter’s” spirit has lived on to seek revenge on ignorant, careless teenagers… read on for more.
Although the story initially makes the group nervous, they shake off the tall tale. After a morning hike, two of the campers return to find the tires on their Range Rover have been slashed. Without a spare and no cell phone coverage for miles, they appear to be stuck in the woods. Again, out of nowhere, The Ranger appears and agrees to meet them at sunset to help them get cell reception. Nightfall comes and goes with no sign of The Ranger and slowly but surely the group begins to disappear. SRP: $26.98