Trailer and Details on Crazy New Nazi Exploitation Flick

From Keith Crocker, director of 1997’s “The Bloody Ape” comes a brand-new Nazi exploitation flick for 2008 entitled BLITZKRIEG: ESCAPE FROM STALAG 69! For nearly 30 years no one has dared tackle the genre, leaving us rerunning Ilsa in our VHS, laserdisc and DVD players. Now, dressed in authentic period costumes and refashioning New York, Long Island locales, Crocker has fathomed a return to the glorious ’70s when the Nazi genre was more grindhouse fodder rather than a political nod. Handing his feature opus over to Wild Eye, the film has been pistol-whipped into shape for a limited theatrical release. Read on for more details a look at the trailer.

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During the final days of World War II, Helmut Schultz and his cohorts in Nazi crime terrorize the prisoners with biochemical weapons experiments and shoot-on-sight torture for entertainment. After a captured showgirl, the voluptuous Southern belle Candice, escapes her captors and hides out in the women’s camp, other ragamuffin defenders bolster up their wits to overthrow on the Nazi demons, even if it means leaving the camp on a slab… while Russian POW Natasha takes on soldier after soldier using only her body and her wits as she tackles the brown and black shirts all on her naked own.

Featuring fan favorite Brandon Slagle, and a cast willing to get naked and bloody, “Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69″ has all the violence, gore and torture you would hope for a Nazi exploitation flick, filtered through the underground auteur sensibility of Nathan Schiff contemporary Keith Crocker. Which means it’s got just a teench (okay, maybe a pinch) of that good ol’ John Waters camp touch.

Wild Eye Releasing is platforming the release with several playdates across the US with professional movie posters and lobby card sets, just like they used to make `em. This grindhouse treat comes complete with absolutely no rating system in place, no judge nor jury except for the viewers themselves.

Sign on to to check out the hot n’ gruesome 60-second trailer, stills, lobby cards, and more and the official MySpace page: While we wait to see if “Werewolf Women of the SS” will actually be developed into a feature, in its stead we’ve got “Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69,” ready and willing to use YOU as its experimental guinea pig along the way to victory.

Source: BDTV