Trailer For New Moseley Starrer, ‘Blood Night’

Today the first trailer went online for a new indie film entitled BLOOD NIGHT: THE LEGEND OF MARY HATCHET. The film stars horror fav Bill Moseley and has also launched their official MySpace page, which is loaded with cool content (I love good presentation). You can watch the trailer by clicking here. Long Island, 1978: A young girl named Mary Mattock gruesomely murders her family with a hatchet and is locked away for life in Long Island’s notorious Kings Park Psychiatric Center. Ten years later Mary escapes from the asylum, leaving a grizzly wake of bodies and blood. Gunned down by the police, Mary meets her own demise outside the sanitarium walls. This incident gave birth to the legend of Mary Hatchet’s walking ghost and the mischievous night named in honor of her death, BLOOD NIGHT!

Source: Official website