Gina Phillips to Return in ‘Jeepers Creepers 3’!?

We broke the news back in November that Victor Salva would be returning to write and direct Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us for MGM, now we’ve got more possible casting news! While chatting with Gina Phillips about her latest horror project, The Sickhouse (in stores Tuesday), we discovered that she is in talks to go one-on-one with The Creeper once again! Read on for the skinny.
THE SICK HOUSE Arrives on DVD this Tuesday from New Line Home Entertainment, star Gina Phillips called me to talk about her role in the film. “I play an young very driven Archeologist, who unexpectedly discovers a 17th century city underground,” she explains, “ A group of young British kids run into her while she is in this city in old London and we end up stirring up something kind of sinister in this sick house. And then we spend the rest of the night fighting for our lives!

Phillips is a fan of realistic horror films, which is why she jumped onboard this project. “One of the things that really drew me to this was the fact that it is based in truth. The more I looked into this the more sinister it sounded! These sick houses were real, these old priests, under the guise of doing something good, would lock themselves away underground with hundreds of children, and no rules over what they did. Pretty horrific stuff. We shot in East London at an abandoned children’s hospital,, we didn’t really have to do too much to the hospital because it was already there and uniquely creepy. Our DP Sam McCurdy is amazing, so much of this is his work, he did The Descent, and I loved that movie.

Just like all of you dear B-D readers, Phillips is a fan of horror – and she has very specific tastes. “I love horror as many people know, from the fact that I keep getting drawn back to it, but I don’t love gore as much, unless it’s grounded in comedy. I like the comedy gore, also it has to do with the fact that when you are on set you are covered in raspberry syrup, its hard to take it seriously. Within horror, I am definatly drawn to the scripts and films when something is based in reality, I love it! When something is a little more of a psychological, toying with your mind, I find that more frightening, but especially when its something different.” But don’t you dare ask her to die in the film, she doesn’t want to be killed! “In Jeepers Creepers I loved the fact that it was a bother and sister relationship, that’s what drew me there. But to be honest I don’t really want to be hacked up, I like when I don’t die.

Speaking of JEEPERS CREEPERS, Phillips breaks the new exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting that she is in facts in talks to play a role in Victor Salva’s third film. “I will say that, I can’t talk about it, but I can say we are in talks, she explains. “There is a script and there is work being done on it. Here’s the thing, I also produce films, when I have my producer hat on …that’s my job, and when I have my actor hat on, then that’s my job, I try not to intervene unless you have a director who wants your opinion. The great thing about Victor is that he is very collaborative. He not only wanted my input, he almost demanded it, It was always like what do you think what do you think. I trust him and I think he is a very talented writer. If things are to come together, and he wants my input… I have a lot to say!

This weekend you can meet Gina at the Los Angeles Wizard world convention. You should bug her for further details about JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 and tell us what she says!

THE SICKHOUSE arrives on DVD Tuesday from New Line Home Entertainment

  • sandman64

    Gina is my favorite Hollywood Hotty & I love the ‘Creeper movies & if the promo that I’ve seen of ‘part-3 with her in it is to be believed, then I just can’t wait! But whats the connection of the films with the Japanese release stuff at imdb?