Roebuck to Topline ‘How My Dad Killed Dracula’

We learned of a new indie horror film shooting this month entitled HOW MY DAD KILLED DRACULA. A father divulges to his kids that when he was a young man he killed Count Dracula and buried him in the backyard. His kids don’t believe him so the father takes the boys to the exact spot where his supposed battle with Dracula took place. There, to the boys utter amazement, the father unearths Dracula’s remains. All doubts are cast aside and the cold reality of Dracula’s existence sets in. Tempting fate, the father proposes removing the stake lodged in Dracula’s heart to see if the “come back to life” legend is really true. The boys protest but the father swears he’ll only pull the stake out for a second and then shove it right back in. When he does, the blood-thisty Dracula siezes the tiny window of renewed life and returns to walk amongst the living once again. Daniel Roebuck, Neil Hopkins, Victor Bonavida, Cooper Green, Maxim Knight, Cameron Palatas, Linh Chan and Gerard Huegel all star.