English Subtitled Trailer For ‘Art of the Devil 3’

On Valentine’s Day the teaser his the net, today you’ll get your first ever look at the Thai horror sequel, THE ART OF THE DEVIL III. Twitch writes, “This is a significantly longer trailer than the first teaser and we’ve got it in very high quality, English subtitled form. What you’ll immediately note from this is that the film is actually a prequel to the previous picture, which mean that Art of the Devil 3 occurs chronologically before Art of the Devil 2 while neither film has any plot relationship whatsoever to Art of the Devil 1. Confused? So am I, but don’t worry, it’s all about the nasty visuals with these films and this one has `em to spare.” Read on for a look.

Head over to Twitch for the teaser:

Source: Twitch Film