‘Repo!’ Hype Continues From Star Alexa Vega

It’s pretty rare to hear a star openly comment on their film, specifically commenting on whether or not they like it – in most cases they always claim to have not seen it yet – today Repo! The Genetic Opera star Alexa Vega did just that. While the film is still looking for a release date from Lionsgate, hype has hit the web in a fury as the majority of the reports are positive… add Vega’s to that mix. Read on to see what she had to say.
Star Alexa Vega updated her MySpace blog with the following:

REPO…… Repo, repo, repo……
Where do I begin….

I have a very difficult time watching movies I have been in for the first time… I tend to squirm in my chair and flinch every time I see the character I play come on screen… I just can’t stop critiquing, and thinking to myself….”gosh, if only we had done this better.”

I usually lose track of the film and leave the screening forgetting what I had just watched and only focus on what was wrong with the film and how much better it could have been…
Producers always pump you up so much before the film, that you are expecting so much out of a movie…. that in the end… you are just let down.


REPO from beginning to end had me captivated in its world and almost longing to be a part of it, in such a weird, twisted way. From Darren’s crazy, sick, bloody, heartfelt, comedic, brillllliant directing, to Joe’s amazing, stunning, colorful, out of this world cinematography, that will leave you visually in a trance…. REPO is nothing less than Bloody Brilliant!

I have never felt so proud to be a part of a film ever…

I guarantee you this…….REPO will change the way films are made from the moment it hits theaters.. YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS and probably won’t again in our lifetime. It is so special and unique and carries this quality that most everyday films lack.

Thank you Darren B, Terrance and Darren Smith for letting be a part of the crazy world of Repo. I love you guys! YOU ROCKED IT!

Source: MySpace, Nyrican0729