Clooney, Campbell in ‘Killer Tomatoes’ Remake?!

it was announced last week that Doug Sarine and Kent Nichols – the madmen behind – would be teaming up to bring us a remake of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Right after the announcement SpookyDan got in touch with the duo to talk about their aspirations for the film, which include the return of George Clooney and the hopes of casting Bruce Campbell!

The Return of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

It’s been 30 years since the original ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES was unleashed onto unsuspecting audiences, and in an exclusive interview we learned that the time has come once again for the Tomatoes to reclaim the spotlight. Will this be a huge CGI action packed film like Transformers, or a modest and heartfelt retelling of the tomatoes anguish over the years? Taking the helm this time around are the two dudes behind the internet phenomenon; Doug Sarine and Kent Nichols, with Nichols taking on the directing duties. We spoke to them the other day to found out for sure.

With the success of Askaninja, the duo had been looking to parley that momentum into a making a feature film, AOTKT seemed like the right fit. But really WHY remake THAT movie? Really…why? “Just the name “Killer Tomatoes” puts a smile on peoples faces,” Sarine tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I love the late `70s and early `80s horror films where they started to add a lot more comedy to the genre. The idea was RIPE for a remake and if you watch the original you kind of see that they were going for, this certain charm of a bad “B” movie. We want to recapture that charm and the fact that these tomatoes are killing people for some unknown reason. The original is kind of like a broken down rusted out Cadillac, you know that underneath it is this beautiful classic!

The two men who created a comedy show online may seem to some like a perfect match for this film, and when we spoke about horror, they revealed that they are also deeply rooted to the genre putting them in prime position for AOTK. “I love action and horror… if I had to site some favorites I would say that I was most heavily affected by the early works of Dario Argento,” Sarine explains. “I don’t think I have ever been as creeped out as when I first watched SUSPIRIA, especially the last 15 minutes! In humor, I personally I am more in line with Sam Raimi or John Carpenter.” On casting AOTKT, Sarine adds that “It’s a bit early to talk casting, but we REALLY want George Clooney to be in it and we have a role in mind for Bruce Campbell as well!” While Clooney was in one of the sequels it remains to be seen if he will want to be attached to this film in some capacity. A horror-comedy with Campbell, Clooney and some killer tomatoes? This is starting to sound like a load of fun!

Ok, so the guys know comedy and they know horror, but will it deliver to the gore hounds or is this a PG-13 film? “We have already written some of the big sequences, where it is essentially a massive massacre,” Nichols continues, “[There will be] waves of blood and smashed tomatoes, but in the context you don’t know which is which, and we plan on pushing the envelope to do this. But were not going to hack off a guys limbs, but hey… you never know?” Sarine added, “I love the idea of the crime scene and the detective tasting the red goo to decipher if its tomato of blood, just to get to the point where you cant tell the difference between the two.

With the huge success of the Aksaninja series, I had to know, are they funding AOTKT with the earnings from that? Sarine explains, “Actually no, this is our first attempt in Hollywood to do something that isn’t just the two of us in an apartment. We will continue to film the ninja stuff on a weekly basis (even through filming) as we have been doing for the last two years. It’s a really fun time for us right now. We are still just a two people and to see this grow and watch it compete with major media situations is amazing and funny. Our audience is largely between 13 and 30 years old, and I doubt many have seen the original.

Sarine concludes by talking about the power of the internet, “We love that we have somehow become a catalyst for people to make their marks in Hollywood. I firmly believe that people can prove themselves using online video, it’s the way to get some notice an ideally make some money as well. Right now the web video world is a wide-open place where there are no rules, like back in the `80s with home video. So the entrepreneurs can really make their mark, without anyone between you and the viewer… no studios no marketing teams!

That’s the world I want to live in…